Need re-roll assistance for group optimization.

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I am in a group where player attendance is hit or miss, but there are generally enough people to keep the game rolling. However, when the tank is available the healer is not, and vice versa; a moot observation anyhow as our healer just announced his perpetual inability to attend. I and two others form the core of the group and are always in attendance when the game is on. Yet for some reason we rolled striker, hybrid striker, and non-healing focused leader.

So, I am going to be switching to a new character and need help maximizing the survivability of the group. Consequently, my question is thus:

Which class (or hybrid combination) will best fill out the Rogue + Warlord + X combination? I am leaning toward a straight tank build, but am calling on the experience of the community in order to strengthen the party as much as possible going forward.

Thank you!

Fighter with a strong MBA, probably Battlerager or straight-up Greatweapon.
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I'd lean toward the greatweapon fighter; the old "M.C. Hammer" build, though in need of some updates, would work quite well as part of that trio.
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