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According to Pithing Needle ruling, you can't name a token since they're not cards. Since Detention Sphere says "exile all other permanents with the same name" does that mean it won't wipe out an entire set of tokens (of the same type?)
Detention Sphere

Pleas autocard. See my sig. Tokens are permanents while on the battlefield so you can target them. Also rule questions are better off in the Rules Q&A section.

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Every token (insert exceptions here) has a name, it is set by the effect creating the token. The effect either gives a specific name (Tuktuk the Explorer), or it is by default the same as the subtype(s) of the token (a Goblin Warrior token is a goblin and a warrior with the name "Goblin Warrior").You need to name an actual Magic card for the Needle. But if a token has the same name as a Magic card, you can name that card and the Needle will stop the token's activated abilities as well (Splinter is a Magic card, and there is a card that creates Splinter tokens, so you can name Splinter to affect the Splinter tokens). Detention Sphere will get rid of all tokens with the same name, even in the case of the tokens not being all the same in other aspects (Mercy Killing and Hunting Triad both create "Elf Warrior" tokens, but they differ in color).

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