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While this really doesn't apply to the playtest per se, I would like to throw this out just as an interesting topic to discuss. Which campaign settings from the past would you like to see published for 5e when it releases? Mind you it's pretty safe to say that we will get our ever-loved Forgotten Realms, but are there any others?

For me personally, I would still like to see Dragonlance and Greyhawk come back. Yes, I know they seem to some to have an overlap of style with FR, but the story was the thing for me on these. It would also be cool to have a compendium-style book of some of the basics for each of the settings, and how to run them using the older product (which will be available in e-format at that point). Sales of the online product and surveys could tell WotC which settings we are using, which would let them gauge which ones to give their own setting books for 5e.

As a reminder, here are some of the settings that were official releases in the past & Present:

Greyhawk, Blackmoor, Known World/Mystara/Hollow World, Forgotten Realms/Kara-Tur/Maztica/Al Qadim, Dragonlance, Lankhmar, Ravenloft, Spelljammer, Dark Sun, Planescape, Red Steel, Birthright, Jakandor, Council of Wyrms, Eberron, Nentir Vale         

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All of them.  I hope 5E endures and remains profitable long enough to get them all out eventually.  Like say a 10-year span of 5E and another 10-year span of 5E, Revised or 5.5 (if you must)...

But, in reality, we'll probably be talking 6E in less than a decade.
We still use the 3e version of FR and a very early version of Greyhawk in our campaigns, but have modified them enough through our own years of adventuring that the recent updates won't be added to what we use.

However, I'd like to see them published. Not everyone has all that history in their games, and I know plenty of players who love updates. No reason not to give them more to love.

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How about campaign building guides from the get go?  Fill the dog with setting creation ideas and lay it out similar to your approach to building settings for the game.  Fill the DMG too, not just the dog.  In fact leave the dog alone.

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Personally, I would like to see Forgotten Realms and Greyhawk done first thing. These two settings will catch the old school guys (and help sell the revamped versions of the old modules they are going to have available for download). After those two, whatever is most popular among the consumers.
I love them all, and hope to see them all make returns.
If I were forced to pick a few over the others, though, they would have to be Ravenloft, PlaneScape, and the original 1E Forgotten Realms.

EDIT: What I'm really hoping for is a brand-new setting.  I'd love to see a pure Steampunk setting (not the pseudo / sort-of / steampunkish-like Eberron). Maybe a well-done post-apocalyptic setting. Anything new would be nice.
All. Plain and simple.
though my favorites are pre-Spellplague stupidity Forgotten Realms and Eberron and Ravenloft.
Though I am considering my own setting to coincide with Next.

I do think WotC should do another Campaign Setting Contest, like the one that brought us Eberron. 
I do think WotC should do another Campaign Setting Contest, like the one that brought us Eberron. 

I assumed that was going to happen this time, but no, we get stupid old Forgotten Realms.  I hate that setting, always have, always will, though of course, I do understand that some people out there like that sort of thing, though not how they could possibly like that sort of thing...Tongue Out

I agree with the Hocus-Smokus though, a totally new setting would be best.  In fact, retire all the old settings and make all new ones for 5E, with maybe some free downloadable 5E stat updates for the older settings, or even an update book to purchase to make it worth WotC's time to create the update.  Yeah, that would be the most awesome course of action for WotC to take, but it's not going to happen.  I don't think we'll see a new setting at all with this edition.
As much as I want settings to be supported again, conversions for old setting material are all I need.  I'd rather a new setting or even generic templates and concepts for developing the kind of game of your choice.  Low-fantasy, steampunk-fantasy, gothic horror, urban fantasy (utilizing a potential modern module)... to name a few.  After what happened with the Realms, I don't really want Wizards to handle any other classic settings

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