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4x Dragonskull Summit
4X Blood Crypt
2x [Rogue's Passage
6x Mountain
6x Swamp


4x Falkenrath Exterminator
4x Vampire Interloper
4x Stromkirk Captain
4x Bloodline Keeper 
4x Vampire Nighthawk


4x Searing Spear
4x Flames of the Firebrand
4x Sign in Blood
4x Dreadbore


4x Rakdos Keystone

Options I'm considering in the readbore/Keystone slots are:

Ultimate Price
Deviant Glee 
Vandalblast (though more a sideboard card).
Rakdos Charm (instead of Flames, for the high burn potential and utility).

DCI Judge Level 1

I'm guessing you already know about the cards I'm about to list, but incase you don't here's a few vampires I'm surprised not to see in this deck...
First of all you REALLY need a 1 drop, and I'd highly reccomend "Stromkirk Noble", it's excellent. If you didn't add in Falkenrath Aristocrat because of budget issues that's fine bloodline keepers is fine as it is, but if you happen to not know of it, put in "falkenrath aristocrats" and I'd try out some "thatcher revolts" for the aristocrats effect, and also combine "blood artist" with the effect makes for insane damage. I'd drop 2 sign in bloods as well, and either add more creatures, or switch the 2 sign in bloods for 2 pillar of flames, to exile gravecrawlers/messengers. Just some ideas. The only thing I'd definitely reccomend is removing 2 sign in bloods, or at least 1.
Hey Swamp, 

Thanks for the reply, and the advice.

A one drop really is a good idea, but at present, I've got a solitary Stromkirk Noble - if I drop 2 Sign in Blood and pick up a second, I can at least give myself more options for creatures (which in turn helps Bloodline Keeper).

I did not include Falkenrath Aristocrat because 1/1 flyers, burn, and -1/-1 effects are very common outside of Standard in my local, small, and mixed group. Needing to sacrifice a creature works againsts Bloodline Keeper, and the damage output from the 1-3 drops should more than make up for the lack of 4/1 haste goodness. Naturally, she's also shot up to 7-9 quid a shot, so I guess budget does come into it compared to 4x Keepers for 90p each! (Bargain of the century).

I have Pillar of Flame in my sideboard, which I switch Flames of the Firebrand for against graveyard and Undying etc - of the cards optional I listed, what would you suggest? (Considering dropping 4 signs in favour of more speed...

DCI Judge Level 1

Falkenrath Exterminator seems gimmicky at best because he needs a counter to start working, and a 1/1 isn't going to get through on turn 3 in most decks (and that's the best of all possible worlds). Getting +1/+1 from your lords won't help him there, either. 

Had you considered Olivia Voldaren? Seems like a fun late-game mechanic, especially if you're not running Falkenrath Aristocrat... at her worst, she pings, grows, and is a 3/3 flier (likely much, much more). 

Searing Spear is kind of irrelevant in this format - nothing has 3 toughness that Pillar of Flame and Mizzium Mortars won't get rid of, which is why I recomend them as replacements (for Flames of the Firebrand as well, unless you want to keep that for meta reasons). 

4 Sign in Blood is a great thing. Trust me. It's just wonderful. 

Had you considered Blood Artist? I think he would do a great job filling Falkenrath Exterminator's spot. Underrated card. 

If I had to alter your list, it would look like this:

Stromkirk Noble x2
Blood Artist x4
Vampire Interloper x4
Stromkirk Captain x4
Vampire Nighthawk x4
Bloodline Keeper x3
Olivia Voldaren x1 (She looks like so much fun)

Other spells
Pillar of Flame x4
Flames of the Firebrand x2
Mizzium Mortars x2
Sign in Blood x4
Dreadbore x2
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