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I am playing a lvl 5 Wujen and I was just wondering on the best way to actually play a Wu Jen. I'm Neutral Good. I have a really high Int of 24. I'm one level away from picking an element, but not sure which element I should go with. 

Just need help playing him. I'm a pixie if you want to know, I have an ECL of 8 (my DM helped me nerf the Pixie class so that the level adjustment wouldn't be 4 and so that I could have more health in his campaign.) Just need to know how to play this character properly.

Also, being a 24 Int character, how do I play this. This is a really really smart character, and You're only as smart as how smart you are in real life. so I can't really play a 24 Int character 100% properly. Any ideas on how to play this?

Fire element would probably be avoided by a nature loving pixie because of potential damage to woodland home. Water element is most useful near lakes,ponds or oceans,so not always useful to adventurers. Earth elemental is Ok for dungeon delving. The best choice for the pixie is air element,being as how they fly and face the occasional flying opponent? Seek out magic items like ring of Enlarge or Shrink? Ask Dm for list of what you can marry/breed with? Be careful in your choice of tabboos!

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I don't understand what house rules you and the DM came up with, and I don't really care.  

But I second the idea that the air element is best for a Pixie.  I only know superficially what a Wu Jen is, a Japan style wizard?  But yeah, air, for sure for a pixie.  Flighty little creatures.  

I would suggest taking the feat Energy Substitution if you DM is so flexible, and taking evocations such as Fireball and turning them into "Airball", just for role-playing effect.
Oddly, neither of these will be helpful, as the Wu Jen uses the cycle of five elements, which doesn't include air (fire, water, earth, wood, and metal). It just influences their magic, rather than giving them an elemental companion.

Which element is most useful depends on your team. Water, for instance, includes several clerical healing spells such as Restoration, while fire is largely based on damage. I find Earth the most interesting, but haven't checked in the context of a pixie.

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When playing a smart character have well organised 3X5 cards for every skill and spell,they sell differently colored ones. I would put 1 skill point into every class skill the Wu-Jen class possesses. Start a 3X5 card for every skill you have and print the numbers in pencil because they vary as you go up in level and your stats change. Re-read the synergy section in the players handbook to make certain you get every benefit. Every level try to add 1 new skill and preferably one that is INT based? The feat skill focus is nice and you may want to consider becoming a sage on one subject. though some people focus on Swim, Run or Jump? See how many langauges you can learn and pick nonstandard ones from the Monster manuals? just a few thoughts.

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First off I agree with Tempest_Stormwind.  The element you choose is relevant only to your party and campaign setting.  If you are playing in the underdark primarily, wind will do you no good just as playing a sea farring campaign will do you no good to be a metal master.  The element is, overall, just a bonus and a minor one at that considering your class template.

Secondly your intellegence.  Let's look at it this way.  Your average commoner is a 10 anything and your most proficient wizards are at least a 19.  In comparison this makes you a savant.  Learning more advanced magics should be as simple as reading a children's book at the level you are at.  Your character may even be bored with the lack of challenge.  Have you ever read a forum post or question and gone, "are they dumb or just trolling?"  Your character, with his/her advanced intelect would be very likely to find them merely dumb....everyone.   Everything.  How vocal he is about that is up to you the role player.  But seriously, try dicussing how the quadratic formula works with a three year old and that should give you the intellegence gap involved.

Thirdly, do not forget your taboos.  Perhaps due to your intellegence you may find these old "supersitions" to be irrelevant to you and would be a great role playing aspect if you work with your DM 
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