Astral Devas in Khorvair?

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Astral Devas are powerful celestial beings that resemble beautiful humans with wings.  In the standard cosmology they are always Good, patrons of planar travellers, and occassionally defenders of powerful Good creatures.  Thing is, for backstory reasons (as well as ideas on how to drive future stories forwards), I need to come up with a reason why an Astral Deva would have been present on Khovaire 15 years ago (aka 12 years before the end of the Last War), and I'm coming up blank.

Reason is my WF Paladin Crucible's cohort is, long story short, the direct offspring of an Astral Deva and a human (that uses the Favored Soul class to represent gradually growing into her half-celestial powers).  Thing is, I can't for the life of me figure out a good reason why an Astral Deva (which is a CR 14 guardian angel) would physically be in Khorvaire during the Last War but didn't affect the outcome of it in any way that we're aware of.  Clearly they would have been undercover or in disguise and, for whatever reason, falls for a mortal, but beyond that I got nothing.

Got all sorts of potential plot hooks in that any number of organizations in Eberron would want to get their hands on the daughter of an angel, even if she's a halfbreed, but if I could figure out what her Mother/Father was doing on this plane of existance in the first place it would go a long way towards focusing the story in a much more coherent way.

So, what reason would an Astral Deva, a being strong enough to go toe to toe with Erandis d'Vol (probably wouldn't win, but strong enough to put up a damned good fight), have for being in Khovaire, and why would they have gone missing in time to orphan it's offspring?
Perhaps the Deva ended up on Khorvaire briefly during a summoning attempt by one of the nations. During this encounter, a human falls in love with the Deva and later tries to summon it again. After some failed attempts, the human finally succeeds. These meetings continue over the course of a few years and result in the child. Unfortunately, no summoning lasts, and thus, the Deva never spent a lengthy period of time on the Material Plane. The human may very well have died during the war and no one would have attempted to summon that specific Deva again.
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Are the actions of the Deva while on Eberron supposed to have any impact outside its offspring? Like, if it came to Eberron to seal away a demonic artifact some fiends from Fernia (or whatever) left on the plane, would that artifact be something that's supposed to play into the game?

Is there anything established for the other parent? Was the other parent powerful in their own right (like able to travel the planes) or relatively normal? Did they have their own adventure together, or was their coupling completely inconsequential to the rest of the world outside the fruit of their loins having a bullseye shaped birthmark for evil-doers to aim at?

The above summoning idea is fairly solid. Or maybe the Deva was bound by one faction or another and used as a weapon, and the mortal parent went through great lengths to see them freed. Or the mortal parent could have attracted the attention of the Deva (maybe the mortal parent embodied some deva-like ideals very well). They could have met while trying to thwart the evil plots of some cultists or sentient ants that would have affected both Eberron and Deva-Land.

Or, the Lords of Dust were using the Prophecy to manipulate some do-gooders into fulfilling some kind of reverse-Hellboy scenario, if you want to keep the focus on your angel spawn.
Also, Astral Devas are primarily warriors.  Shevaresh, or whatever, the plane of battle...and Astral Deva could have come from there.  Could have been summoned for help during the last war, either as a strategist or something, or to train troops.  Alternately, it could have been forced through some kind of plabe shifting magic in the middle of a battle on its home plane, and been stranded here (it's own plane shifting abilities would be suppressed).

Just some more ideas. 
Also, Astral Devas are primarily warriors.  Shevaresh, or whatever, the plane of battle...and Astral Deva could have come from there.  Could have been summoned for help during the last war, either as a strategist or something, or to train troops.  Alternately, it could have been forced through some kind of plabe shifting magic in the middle of a battle on its home plane, and been stranded here (it's own plane shifting abilities would be suppressed).

Just some more ideas. 

Angels come from Syrania, the celestials in Shavarath are Archons. They don't really have wars in Syrania, I think, because its supposedly a paradise.

Of course there's no reason Angels couldn't go stabbing demons in Shavarath, and its very easy to just say there are armies of angels fighting with the Archons, but its a deviation that might need explanation. Which could be interesting in its own right. Maybe there's a reason the angels refuse to fight in Shavarath, and Deva Guy ignored it and fought in Shavarath anyway. Battles in Shavarath could have spilled into the Last War.

Actually, an interesting take on the whole "Summoned for the purpose of battle." thing could be the factions of Shavarath raiding other planes, including Eberron, and capturing warriors to help tip the tide of their present conflict. Maybe the Deva was captured from Syrania, and the other parent was some famed warrior captured from the Last War, and they were both forced to fight in Shavarath for some period of time. They work together to escape, and have some hanky panky in the process. Seeking the child of a powerful mortal/immortal union makes sense, and you don't need to explain why the Deva didn't affect Eberron, because the only event that caused anything on Eberron was the mortal parent being absent for awhile.
I seem to recall something in Forge of War along the lines of angels fighting for Thrane/leading some of their armies/something like that.

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Thing is, I can't for the life of me figure out a good reason why an Astral Deva (which is a CR 14 guardian angel) would physically be in Khorvaire during the Last War but didn't affect the outcome of it in any way that we're aware of.

Why would the mere presence of a single angel have a significant impact on the Last War? There have been countless skirmishes, most of which have never been described in the books. The angel could indeed have made the difference in one of those without the world as a whole ever knowing it. On the other hand, who knows what kind of things happened behind screen that never made the Korrenberg news? Demon summonings thwarted, evil artifacts recovered and sealed away, assassinations prevented, kidnappings resolved, evil plagues stopped before they could happen, and so on ;) Besides, what if the angel came here purely to get that child? Couatl and/or dragons might very well conclude that a Prophecy requires for a child of the stars to do X (or even to be simply born) and summon an angel to get one. Sure, it sounds rather heartless, but the Chamber is not exactly known for its compassion ;)

Well, again, its a CR 14 creature, which would instantly make it one of the most powerful non-draconic beings in Eberron.  A very Good aligned uber-being, one that managed to interact with the mortals (in more ways than one, obviously), and one that for some reason isn't around anymore.  Something big enough to kill an angel would surely have made some waves.

Unless of course there was a massive cover up.  Hmmm... or better yet, what if it was summoned and bound by a less than scrupulous faction during the Last War as an attempt to extract it's power, tortured and kept on the brink of death to prevent it from escaping, and one of the guards finally caves in to their concious and helps it escape?

If the captors did something drastic to it, like cut off it's wings, the deva could well be crippled enough to no longer be a powerhouse and to pass as a human.  They stay on the run for a while, have the baby, and finally get caught near the town the child grows up in.  Deva tries to hold the attackers off, mortal makes a run for it with the baby and takes an arrow to the... back (no, I'm not making the knee joke).  Attackers don't know the baby was the Deva's, so they don't bother to go looking for it.  Que the townsperson coming across the battle aftermath and finding a crying baby.

That would give some time for adventuring before whoever it was realizes that their big chance didn't completely slip through their fingers and comes after the offspring.

Hmmm... now the only questions are what faction was it that would resort to essentially kidnapping and torturing an angel, and which gender assignment for the parents is less cliche (Male guard and female deva where daddy falls for the angelic hotty and does the protector bit, or female guard and male deva and its mommy doing the "take care of the injured bird" bit)?
Oh, nevermind, it has to be a female Deva and a male guard.

Why?  While watering my garden I thought of the perfect bone chilling line for a villain to say as the big reveal.

"You look just like your mother."

"You look just like your mother."

That's a great line.

Not sure if you've answered your own question at this point but I can throw in 2 cents. Eberron already has angels walking around, though usually through Radiant Idols (from Sharn: City of Towers). Now, your Deva isn't a cast down angel, but the Idols are pushed through manifest zones by the other angels and are condemned to walk Eberron with an unlimited lifespan (though they can be killed). A Deva can be sent through with a mission, forced out of Syrania, or just trip. None of the Idols hanging out in Sharn use their strength to take on armies, instead content to form cults of personality. 

Just like your previous extrapolation, the Idols have their wings cut off and cannot jump between planes. 

When it comes to who would torture an angel? Cults of the Dragon Below, a bad trip through the Mourning, Mordain the Fleshweaver or other baddie in Droaam, tribes in the Demon Wastes, twisted members of the Silver Flame doing bad things or members of the Shadow in the Flame, or any other organization you want. With manifest zones appearing all across Eberron, there must be the magical technology to capture or kill the outsiders who might appear with them.
The Shadow in the Flame, oh I like that.  I like that a lot.

Driving home from the movies (we saw Hotel Transylvania, good movie) thinking about this (long drive home), and how exactly they could start to uncover this sort of information.  If its some super secret society out in nowhere, it would be very difficult to convincingly have a way present itself to reveal what happened.  If it was done by a rogue group in the Church itself, a high ranking champion of the faith (aka, a high level PC Paladin) finally uncovering the rot at the heart of his own organization would make it much easier for him to get his hands on documentation.  Would also provide a classic "Don't go looking too deeply into this, you may not like what you find" speech along the way.

Would also give an easier explination for why a group that would be dark enough to torture angels would have someone in it's midst that would still be good enough to rebel against them.  A guard that thinks he's following the will of the Flame until he finds out whats really going on and baulks, thats much easier to swallow than "Cult of the Dragon Below hires Joe Schmoe the mercinary guard".


I know it seems like I may be putting a lot of effort into the background of a cohort (when most PCs don't get this much thought), but I like to make sure my favorite characters have motivations and reasons to what they do, and to have some stuff churning away in the background that may never actively come to the surface, but will still influence the character's actions.

For Crucible here, its his dual nature, and his cohort is his beserk button.  A warforged, built as a remorseless killing machine that finds the light and becomes his own weapon is all well and good, but thats too one dimensional for me, doubly so since its Eberron.  I like to think of this character as being sort of a cross between the new Doctor Who and Optimus Prime.  On the surface you've got Optimus Prime, the wise and compassionate warrior, the father figure.  But like the new Doctor Who, there is a dark core of pain and rage and even hate that is tightly controlled and shoved away into a dark little corner of his soul, and God help anyone that manages to bring it out.

Couple of good lines from the new Doctor Who that I keep in mind with him are "Demons run when a good man goes to war" and "Good men don't need rules.  This is not a good day for you to find out why I have so many."

The cohort here, Gwendolyn, is going to be his trigger switch.  Total selfless devotion to her that exceeds even his devotion to the Silver Flame.  The thing that could make him fall as a paladin.  I have a scene in the back of my head where [insert evil group X here] manages to kidnap her after beating him badly enough to force him to shut down.  After he gets repaired enough to wake back up, its "They took Gwen.  I've given everything I have, everything I am to the Flame, but I will not give it Gwendolyn.  The light can help me get her back, or it can get out of my way.  Either way, I will get her back!".  Just to have that brief time where the wise and compassionate Optimus Prime side gets completely stripped away.  All civility, compassion, patience, everything that makes him a good man is set aside and the darkness is allowed off the leash.  Anger, violence, hatred, vengeance, all the horrors of war incarnate into a living weapon.  The kind of stuff that gets his closest friends to say "I've known Crucible for years, but I don't know who that was.  He frightens me."

Ha ha, the idea that it could actually be a part of the Church of the Silver Flame itself that brings this down on their own heads is just perfect.  Rooting out the corruption would normally get his full attention anyway, but this would make it personal.  And it would explain how the organization that held her mother would suddenly be able to find her again, because of Crucible's own reports tipping them off.  That finely balanced razor's edge between him sticking to the narrow path and finding redemption, or if she dies and he becomes an engine of vengeance focused on the destruction of the Church as a whole, thats just perfect.

To quote Nightmare Before Christmas, "Say it once, say it twice, take a chance and roll the dice!"
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