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@Nirafelos - I know the Trigger is not the same i was using a hyppothetical exemple to demonstrate the hole in Mand12's argument about triggering power's effect supposedly becoming part of their triggered power's Hit line.

Bottom line is this, Elemental Escalation tells you who takes extra damage and ongoing damage without saying which power deals it between the triggering power and Elemental Escalation. In the absence of such information, i think the default assumption should be that the power delivers its effect (to the exception of extra damage which is in additions to the attack's damage). 

@Zathris - Echoing Weapon specifically says the next weapon attack deals 2d6 thunder damage so its not even disputable who deals it.
You say you stick to what the power does, but you're not.  The power says that something else happens on a hit.  Under all of the effects that do something like that, the effect becomes part of a hit, and part of the attack.  Whether it's extra damage or ongoing damage or the slide or the fly-half-your-speed is irrelevant.

Can you cite the rule that say this because no rules do AKAIK.  If all those powers wouldn't deal ongoing damage they woudn't have the associated damage keyword present in a power when this damage type is dealt by the power. Just because you refuse to acknowledge that doesn't make it false. And i don't think such concensus exist for powers.

No where in the rules does it even say once what you claim triggered powers do. So i can only come to the conclusion that triggered powers effects don't become inherently part of their triggering power hit line since no rule say they do. Only exception is for extra damage which explicitly say so.

RC 114 Damage Type:
 If a power has one of these keywords, it deals the associated type of damage. 

I believe that adding a damage type to a power does not affect OGD.  As the power is not doing the damage
I believe that adding a damage type to a power does not affect OGD.  As the power is not doing the damage

No longer true, OGD is just damage according to the RC. It is no longer a condition.
It helps if threads like this are kpt in the krypt still.  Ask a question in a new thread if you want an up-to-date answer.
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