D&D In The News: D&D Next Video Contest Winners

D&D In The News
D&D Next Video Contest Winners
By D&D Team

We asked you to create a video that will get D&D fans excited about being a part of the D&D Next Playtest. How you do that was entirely up to you. You could have shown us an epic film of classic heroism or a claymation reenactment of critical failures. Maybe it would be a recruitment video for your group or a Top Ten list of things you’ve learned from the playtest. Whether a classic D&D truism (like why you never split the party) or just an awesome/hilarious/cool episode taken straight from your imagination, we asked you to show the world what they’re missing.

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My favorite entry is video #3 featuring the cupcake eating warrior.  

Grats to all winners
My favorite entry is video #3 featuring the cupcake eating warrior.  

My favorite too.

My cousin manages his high elf's slices of bacon, potty breaks, and dance times.

Orzel, Halfelven son of Zel, Mystic Ranger, Bane to Dragons, Death to Undeath, Killer of Abyssals, King of the Wilds. Constitution Based Class for Next!

Woot! I an responsible for the 4th place winner (ddn: the whiteboard review). True stories.
I'm glad "cupcake" did so well. I voted the heck out of that thing. I thought the one that ended up 7th would win; very professional work.
I like most of them, but my favorite is "Your Game. Your Way."
I feel like I'm missing something, I had no idea this contest existed.
My personal favorites are #3 (Cupcake), #4 (The Whiteboard Review), and #7 (Ambush), with Ambush being my favorite overall by a hair.

Congratulations to all the Top 8 video makers.   

All around helpful simian

Cupcake ... is good belly laugh on wheels.
  Creative Character Build Collection and The Magic of King's and Heros  also Can Martial Characters Fly? 

Improvisation in 4e: Fave 4E Improvisations - also Wrecans Guides to improvisation beyond page 42
The Non-combatant Adventurer (aka Princess build Warlord or LazyLord)
Reality is unrealistic - and even monkeys protest unfairness
Reflavoring the Fighter : The Wizard : The Swordmage - Creative Character Collection: Bloodwright (Darksun Character) 

At full hit points and still wounded to incapacitation? you are playing 1e.
By virtue of being a player your characters are the protagonists in a heroic fantasy game even at level one
"Wizards and Warriors need abilities with explicit effects for opposite reasons. With the wizard its because you need to create artificial limits on them, they have no natural ones and for the Warrior you need to grant permission to do awesome."


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