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I'm working on a elf druid and saw the wood elf sense threat option. I currently have a base perception of 14 and I can use cat's grace and owl's wisdom on myself. that would give me a 16 perception and a +2 to init checks.  I know elven accuracy is about as good as it gets, but I really want to know if that combination would end up with a +18 to initiative rolls. That seems a bit far fetched, but would almost guarentee going first every encounter, which could really lead to some great round 1 battle field domination give the druid's capabilities.
fwiw, if you're making a perception check instead of an initiative check, I'm not sure that bonuses to initiative checks are too relevant.  On the other hand, making two initiative checks (that then turn into perception checks) via Danger Sense should work just fine.

Having played an avenger wood elf, going first every combat isn't too tricky.  Given that going first is roughly equivilent to stunning half of team monster for a turn, it's probably worth the trade.  Just consider getting the insight skill power for a retroactive +3 to a roll, and you'll have your 1/enc hit back.   

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I've used it, and while I will say it's fun to put up some silly initiative numbers in heroic, I also found myself missing Elven Accuracy at least once per session.
I didn't really think the +2 init and +2 perception would work. figured it was worth asking. +16 to initiative isn't anything to snuff at. That will make fog of insects much more useful. Thorn spray on round 1 with no chance to hit allies will also be nice.
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