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My current character is a halfling wizard specializing in evocation, and a question came up in our last session about the spell Dawn Burst, found on page 101 of Complete Mage... The duration is one round per level, and it deals to undead and creatures with light sensitivity or light blindness... Does the damage only occur the first round it is in effect, or does it do that damage every round that the duration lasts?

The exact wording is as follows: "In addition, undead and creatures within the area that have light sensitivity or light blindness take ld6 points of damage, +1 point of damage per caster level (maximum +5). A successful Reflex save halves this damage."


While I should look it up to be certain it looks to me like it would be an ongoing effect where they'd take that 1d6 + CL (up to a max of 1d6+5) every round.  I'm not sure what level the spell is but IF an affected creature chose to stay in the AoE for the entire duration of the spell they may take CLd6 + (CL*CLor5) damage which really isn't all that much when you consider how unlikely that IF is to happen.
It is a 1st level wizard/sorceror evocation [light] spell, range of close (25 +5/2 caster levels), 10-ft radius burst...


It is a 1st level wizard/sorceror evocation [light] spell, range of close (25 +5/2 caster levels), 10-ft radius burst...

is like wall of fire, at the start and each round that the creature still are in the area in your turn.
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It makes a radius of light that lasts 1 round/level. Anything that enters or is in that area each round takes the damage. 

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Ok, so I was right... It didn't really matter much last night due to everything in the area dead (again) by the next round, but I figured I'd ask for when the situation comes up again...