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So I have been talking to some people but wanted a general rating.  What would you rate out of ten for sideboard Nevermore? Leave in replies. I rate it 8/10
Heavily depends on your local metagame. It may be a oneshot instakill against some kind of single-minded combo deck. It may stop their Thragtusk/Restoangel/Whatever from ever hitting the board. It falls to their Decay, O-Ring and DetSphere, and actually it does very little for its cost. Overall 3/10, imo.
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2/10. I'm pretty sure Pithing Needle does a lot of what Nevermore will do for you, but at a cheaper cost.


2/10 wouldn't bang.
2/10 wouldn't bang.

Solid sideboard card, definitely.  Stop Supreme Verdict and Bonfire of the Damned before they come out!


Most of the decks it would hurt run o-ring. Nevermore is okay, but there's better options.
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I agree with a lot of what has been brought up as well. it stops a lot of cards before they come out if you're worried about specific bombs (Bonfire of the Damned and every creatures). But as EyeHunter and others pointed out a lot of decks run oblivion ring and other removal for this. You may be able to play games with this in the early game to trade 3 mana for 3 mana in your favor in some cases so it's really a case dependant thing at best I would say. There are cheaper ways to remove Never More than for 3 so getting much advantage out of it would be risky. The best answer to this is probably that there is a reason you don't see Never More in a sideboard very often in many large events but it could be useful at FNM depending on what but you and other people are running. Over all I wouldn't rank it too high however.
2/10. I'm pretty sure Pithing Needle does a lot of what Nevermore will do for you, but at a cheaper cost.

Pithing needle doesn't stop thragtusk or unburial rights or messenger from  being played. ;)

Ive started  thinking more about nevermore lately, unfortunately I don't have (or play) a deck that could play it. If there was some wacky enhancement-based deck, it would be  interesting.

Too bad abrupt decay and golgari charm hits it.
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There is an enchantment based deck. I played it this past weekend at FNM (haven't posted because I've been gone for a wedding) and I beat B/G Zombies, B/R Vampires, and G/W midrange.

I didn't play Nevermore. The card might be decent in the control matchup, but meh. 


I was playing a slensya lifegain deck... I side in nevermore to answer to some stuff like board wipers, rakdos/liliana of the dark realms control decks. One of the match I still remember nevermore abrupt decay, follow by nevermore liliana... this actually stops the whole engine of my opponents deck.. another game I won against a monoblack who run knight of infamy whom I have no answer to since most of my creature are white or WG, nevermore really helps me win the next game. 
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