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A combo I've been wanting to use for a long time: Academy Researchers & Eldrazi Conscription. My Issues have been: Protecting the combo, Finding the combo, and doing these things while dealing it's lack of speed. I think playing all control to sit and wait for it (obviously while doing some digging) with countermagic ready seems appealing. The following deck list certainly isn't optimal, but it's a start for discussion. 

Island Sanctuary 4 ( I don't care too much if it gets destroyed because it would then waste enchantment removal, clearing the path for eldrazi con. Standstill might help this, I'm not sure.)
Thalia, Gaurdian of Thraben 4 ( Need I explain? The combo is a creature, non-creature spells are probably what will kill AR.)
Judge's Familiar 4 ( Synergy with Thalia, awesome in general.)
Standstill 4 (Helps me draw while in Sanctuary)
Mana Leak 4 (Big disagreements on this card. 1U is a million times better than UU here. With Thalia out I don't think they'll have 4 floating if I haven't already won or lost.)
Brainstorm 3
Pongify 2
Ponder 1
Index 1
Academy Researchers 4
Eldrazi Conscription 2
Sensei's Divining Top 2
Enlightened Tutor 3 

The rest is finding the combo. It needs work. It needs feedback. Thank you.

Edit: Pongify hits islandwalkers and flyers for me.  
You're willing to splash white for Island Sanctuary, but you'd rather not use actual good removal like Swords to Plowshares, Path to Exile, Oblivion Ring..?

You put Index in there, with just one Ponder and 3 Brainstorm?

You play Sensei's Divining Top without Counterbalance when you're clearly not hurting for space? 

Yes, you do need to explain why you're running 4 copies of a legendary utility creature that does very little and dies if someone as much as sneezes at her aggressively.

You want cards that keep you from getting attacked? Bam, Ghostly Prison. Or Elephant Grass, if you like that underused card smell.

But really, the biggest problem with your decklist is this:

If you're trying to get out a big creature, why aren't you playing Reanimator? If you wanna summon an Eldrazi so badly, just use Animate Dead on It That Betrays or... Something.

What I'm trying to say is, the combo's not good and the cards you are trying to protect it with are rather subpar as well. You have nothing, for example, saving you from a Krosan Grip. Or, if you spend all your mana on the combo, you will get destroyed by a Shock in response to the ability triggering.

And even then, for 3 mana, you could just Show and Tell Emrakul instead. 
^^^ Got a point.
Show and Tell is kinda expensive tho too...from our OPs' first post, I assume they're looking for a budget shell??  Is this right?
If you played a few more things that prevent your opponent doing anything about your "combo", you'd have less chance of someone removing your Researcher before it gets Aura'd.
  Xantid Swarm, Autumn's Veil, Orim's Chant for example.
Whilst Researchers is kinda cool, a well timed removal spell on it has it dying and ED heading to the GY.
Given you're going with Thalia and Blue already, you probably need Noble Heirach for some extra/mana-fixing.
Personally, I think Nomad Mythmaker would be a must for this idea as a backup, as Researcher's will be nailed, Lightning Bolt and even Stifled everytime!
I'd want a way to FIND your ED. This way prevents discard pitching it to the gy, and if you're playing lots of cantrips you have a way to get it now.
Another tactic could be to use mana acceleration together with Sovereigns of Lost Alara, and a whole lot of evasive or unblockable creatures that your opponent can't target like Silhana Ledgewalker, Invisible Stalker, Slippery Bogle etc etc.
Or maybe Infect creatures like Glistener Elf, Blighted Agent, Inkmoth Nexus would also be fairly nasty, as they'll only need one swing with ED.
Bear in mind, Sovereigns is only ever going to be an alternative way to win, it's too slow to build to deck around.

If you're gonna use Thalia, Silence or other effects that slow your opponents'non-creature plays, try to build to that strength and include creatures that take care of your needs, like Eternal Witness, Qasali Pridemage etc.
Yes I'm on a relatively low budget.
Enlightened Tutor is actually in the list up there.

Originally I just wanted to run MUC with 4 researchers and 4 conscription as the wincon. But I though UW control could work too to include enlightened tutor.
I understand there are much better decks built around playing large creatures, fankly, I don't give a ****. I like Academy Researchers because it doesn't require much commitment and it gets the job done. What exactly, Renasce, do you think you have accomplished or taught me by saying that you can Show and Tell Emrakul in and that it works better? The point of this thread was to request guidance on how to stall out the game and protect the wincon. Maybe I wasn't clear enough about what I needed help with in the original post, I'm sorry. 

@Slave: I had considered adding green for mana fixing and xantid swarm but like I said, budget is an issue and I don't much to support a 3 color mana base. I'm working on getting fetches though. I think I might take this back to being MUC or G/U control with AR+EC as the wincon. I must admit that Sovereighns plan seems impractical to me. Kira, Great Glass-Spinner may be of use though. What do you think?
If only Golden Wish was less mana intensive!!

Kira, Great Glass-Spinner may be of use though. What do you think?

I'm no expert - but I'm guessing that would attract counter like flys to you-know-what in game1. 
Could be useful to fish out someones' counter before they know your party trick maybe?
I like it, even though it does hurt your mana-curve.
Overall, I don't think your combo idea is bad - just that it's not easy to protect in game 2 or 3 if they've seen you do your trick.
Considering you're already putting in Enlightened Tutor, maybe you could put in some other singletons that you might find useful to search for, in case EC gets extracted?
Mythic Proportions?

So researcher you want in a budget build;
Together with Nomad Mythmaker's, you have a backup potentially.
Should Researcher get nailed or your EC gets discarded, there's Mythmaker -  or if you don't find a researcher, you could use Careful Study maybe, to drop an EC for a Mythmaker to attach to any creature you have? 
That together with cards that give you card advantage/chump blockers like Squadron Hawk maybe? 
Or ways to copy the Researcher or Mythmaker or whatever fatty your opponent just put in play.
Just a thought, both tactics are very vulnerable to any form of removal really. 

I guess another way to really prevent your opponent nailing your Researcher is with some effect like Peace Talks or City of Solitude etc.
What about Grand Abolisher
Sorry - I'm out of ideas! 


I think you should streamline the list a little more. If your plan is mono blue or a tiny splash, this is what I would shoot for.

4 Brainstorm
4 Ponder
4 Preordain 

I think you want all 3 of these as 4 ofs. It sorts the 'needing to find things really fast' at a cheap cost.

I also think your counterspells should be:
4 Spell Pierce
4 Daze
3 Counterspell

I think once you get Force of Will, obviously shove them in. 
Yeah FoW is on the top of my legacy buy list. I had two of them but I traded them in. What a silly thing to do.

So what I'm looking at here is gonna be roughly

4 Brainstorm
4 Ponder
4 Preordain

4 Spell Pierce
4 Daze
3 Counterspell

4 Academy Researchers
4 Eldrazi Conscription

That's 31. I'd say 20-22 islands seems appropriate. If 21 this is 52 cards. 8 slots left.

Obviously Aggro/Tempo decks will be an issue. Fog Bank is probably the best walling option. Any ideas on what to do with the last 4?

EDIT: I took out something dumb I said about meekstone because I remembered it backwards.
The filter will help to negate the need for tutor most of the time, but I'd want a way to deal with whatever the other player puts out in case you lose the counter war or miss the chance.
I'd consider some Echoing Truth, maybe even a couple Drift of Phantasms as your 5th and 6th Researcher's you could transmute for, or your 5th and 6th wall?

As far as lands go, what are considering?
A budget option is Saprazzan Skerry