Nivmagus Elemental+Burn vs. Lotleth Troll

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Suppose the boardstate is such that I control a Nivmagus Elemental while my opponent controlls a Lotleth Troll, and I cast a burn spell targeting the Lotleth Troll (for the sake of this example, assume my opponent has no mana open, the troll is still 2/1, and I cast a Searing Spear).  If my opponent were to activate the troll's ability to discard 3 creature cards in response to my Searing Spear, I could then in response activate my Nivmagus Elemental's ability to exile my Searing Spear and pump up my elemental (hooray!).  However, my question is this:  say my opponent lets the Searing Spear resolve and the Lotleth Troll gets 3 damage marked on it.  Is there a point in time between the resolution of the Searing Spear and the Lotleth Troll being destroyed that my opponent could discard 3 creature cards and save his troll but render me unable to exile my Searing Spear to pump my elemental?
No they could not. As soon as the Spear is done resolving, before any player gets priority, state-based actions are checked and the game sees the Troll has lethal damage marked on it, so it is destroyed before they can play the Troll's ability.

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