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Legends & Lore
Playtest Update

By Mike Mearls

In August, we released a pair of updates to the playtest packet. The first one revised the core classes and made some modifications to the core system. The second update, released to coincide with Gen Con, unleashed the sorcerer and warlock upon the world. Over 85,000 people have taken part in the playtest, and it’s great to have so many people looking at the game. We’re thrilled at the continuing interest in the playtest. So, how are we doing?

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D&D In The News
D&D Next Video Contest Winners
By D&D Team

We asked you to create a video that will get D&D fans excited about being a part of the D&D Next Playtest. How you do that was entirely up to you. You could have shown us an epic film of classic heroism or a claymation reenactment of critical failures. Maybe it would be a recruitment video for your group or a Top Ten list of things you’ve learned from the playtest. Whether a classic D&D truism (like why you never split the party) or just an awesome/hilarious/cool episode taken straight from your imagination, we asked you to show the world what they’re missing.

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