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Hello All, 

Our party has managed to befriend a gargoyle and we have decided that it is going to join the party therefore I need to create the race temple for it.

My thoughts so far are:

+2 to Str and Con. +2 stealth and endurance. Racial power Stone form: Standard action, gain resist 25 to all damge regeneragtion 3 and tremorsense 10. Lose all other senses until you revert to normal form (minor action). Speed 6, fly speed 6 altitude 1. 

This is all I have so far for the race. I am unsure if the fly speed is a bit broken or not?

For the gargoyles class I am thinking either Warden to make the most of the racial power and as the have lots of powers that are to do with stone. Or Monk, as they mionster version is a lurker so jumping in and out seems to follow that. Also (as well as the Warden) they have lots of powers that prone, as per the monster manual version. 

Any thouhgts would be much apprechiated.

Thanks in advanced.
Is this going to be a companion NPC, or a player character?

If it's going to be an NPC, you could just use the companion rules. Building it as a full-fledged PC could be a bit overboard.
I would make flight an encounter power, and then use stone form as a rest feature. May assume stone form during short/long rests, while in stone form gain huge defense boosts and healing surges heal +x extra, but become immobilized and helpless while doing so.
It is more than likely going to be a pc as long as it is interesting enough for someone to play. I think on reflection the stone form will only be used outside of combat anyway so will take that on board. Any ideas about class?
Well for gargs, rogues, fighters, barbarians, and rangers are traditional. Sorcerors are not unheard of, wizards are rare, divine classed gargs are next to non-extant, and armor is generally kept light so as not to impede the wings.
An encounter Resist 25 all is extremely powerful, even at epic, especially when combined with regen 3. (Remember that thats essentially the shifter AND Goliath power in one, but better than either.) Tremor sense and flight are also extremely good. I wasnt clear if its part of the encounter power or just inherent abilities, but it doesnt matter; I'd be kicking it off every encounter, and there doesnt seem to be any real reason not to dismiss it until the encounter is over. And the worst part is, even kicking it down to daily wouldnt help. Its still pretty massively good. 

Why would you yse it every encounter? Its a standard action, and you can't take any other action while you're in stone form? 

I agree flight is very good, so I am going to remove it and just add in utility that are either ju,ps to flight from the monk.  
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