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So I picked up the advanced race guide for pathfinder and figured I'd like to play a few of these guys in my 4e games too.

Ability scores: +2 Strength and +2 Constitution or Charisma
Size: Medium
Speed: 6 Squares
Vision: Normal
Skills: +2 Intimidate and +2 Nature
Languages: Common, Thri-kreen
Grabbing arms: A trox has four smaller arms on its lower body that allow it to grasp and handle objects while leaving its massive main arms free. Once per round a trox may draw or sheathe a weapon, or retrieve or stow an item stored on their person as a free action instead of a minor action.
Resilience of the Beetle: A trox who chose +2 Charisma at level 1 gains +2 to their healing surge value. This bonus increases to +4 at level 11, and to +6 at level 21.
Resilience of the Dreadful:A Trox who chose +2 Constitution at level 1 never grants combat advantage to attacks made against its will defense.
Chitin: A trox is covered in massive organic armored plates, some of which even move to deflect incoming blows. Whenever a trox uses the second wind or total defense action the bonus to AC and fortitude increases by +1.
Insect Lift: A trox's carrying capacity is equal to its strength score times 20.
Blood Rush: A trox gains +1 on attack rolls until it has been rendered bloodied in an encounter. After a short rest this bonus returns, assuming you are no longer bloodied at the end of the short rest.
Death Rattle: The armor of a Trox is not just for defense but for generating the ear splitting SKREEEKEKEKE of the Trox at war. You gain the Death Rattle power.

Death Rattle Trox racial power
Encounter * Fear
Minor Action Close Burst 3
Target: All enemies in burst
Attack: Primary ability modifier +3 vs will.
Level 11: Primary ability modifier +6 vs will.
Level 21: Primary ability modifier +9 vs will.
Hit: Target takes a -2 penalty to attack rolls and is slowed until the end of your next turn.
Special: At level 11 the range of this power increases to close burst 4, at level 21 it increases to close burst 5.

Trox are powerfully muscled bipeds that combine the worst traits of bone golems, beetles, and ghouls. A trox has massive plates of a material somewhere between Bone and Chitin covering it's face, head, back, forearms, and legs. The triangular plates on the back are arranged into two rows of 4 to 6 descending in size from the largest at the top to the smallest at the bottom, these plates are attached to the trox by short limbs wrapped thick hide and ropy muscle and can be folded over each other to create a dense multi-layered shield on the back or spread to create horrid mockeries of wings that the trox use mainly for communication and intimidation. Their eyes are set deep in their skulls peering out from their armoed faces, they have no lips and instead their fangs are rooted directly into the armor plate of their face, massive jointed blades flank their mouths, jutting from where a less horrible creature would have cheeks. Their massive upper arms end in three fingered (that's counting the thumb), clawed hands. 4 smaller two fingered, thumbless, clawed arms dangle from the creature's lower abdomen. Two thick legs with broad three taloned feet suppor the monster's weight, while a thick round tail aids in balance.

Trox stand anywhere from 7 to 9 ft tall, and have yellow eyes with no pupils. Their hide runs between brick red to sand brown to black, this color is most prominent around their head, back, and extermities and fades almost to white at the torso.

Trox are unnatural abominations and own it. They cultivate their savage reputation and the fear they inspire in other creatures. Even ogres and giants have been known to back down from a Trox. They have little in the way of domesticated animals partly because of their own great strength, and partly because most animals are easily spooked, the tastiness of such animals doesn't help either. Wehn the trox first emerged from the underdark a mere 300 years ago they were treated as nothing more than a curious new monster. They have trouble with most languages not based on clicks, and only in the past few decades has the ability to speak even a broken accented version of common become widespread among them.

Trox Feats

Earthsense [Racial]
Requires: Trox, training in perception or nature
Benefit: You gain tremorsense 1, this increases to tremor sense 3 at level 11, and to tremorsense 5 at level 21. In addition you may attempt to predict naturally occuring earthquakes by making a nature or perception check vs. a DC equal to 15 + 1 per hour until the next quake. Success tells you the time the quake will occur, but not the magnitude.

Refractive Carapace [Racial]
Requires: Trox, Chitin
Benefit: The bonus from your chitin ability increases to +2 and now applies to your reflex and will defenses.

Fear the Hunter [Racial]
Requires: Trox, Ranger, Hunter's Quarry, Death Rattle
Benefits: If your hunter's quarry target is hit by your Death Rattle power, it is immobilized instead of slowed.

War Drone [Racial]
Requires: Trox, Warlord Bard or Barbarian, Death Rattle power
Benefit: All allies in the burst of your Death Rattle power gain +1 on attack rolls until the end of their next turn.

Great Droning [Racial]
Requires: Trox, Death Rattle power, level 21+
Benefit: The range of your Death rattle Power increases to close burst 10.

Dense Carapace [Racial]
Requires: Trox, level 11+
Benefit: You gain damage resistance 1, at level 21 this improves to damage resistance 3.

Dread Carapace [Racial]
Requires: Trox, level 11+, training in intimidate
Benefit: You have painted and scarred your hide to make yourself more intimidating, and increase the potency of your rattle. Whenver you make an intimidate check you roll twice and use the better result, additionally you gain a +1 bonus to all attack rolls with your Death Rattle power.

Blood and Terror [Racial]
Requires: Trox, trained in intimidate
Benefit: You gain a +1 on attack rolls against bloodied creatures.

Snatch and grab [Racial]
Requires: Trox, improved grab
Benefit: You may grab creatures an additional size category above your own, and the DC to escape your grab increases by 2. In addition if you grab a creature of your size category or smaller you may maintain the grab and even drag the grabbed target with your Grabbing arms. This allows you to act and move normally while maintaining the grab except that you loose the ability to use your normal grabbing arms feature.

First up is the trox from the back of the book, I took a few liberties with these guys because honestly I liked the look more than I liked the actual abilities.

This seems a bit much. Most races don't have that many racial features. And they usually only have one or two big ones. It looks like you gave them 3 relatively big features, plus a really good power. I'll go down the list one at a time.

  • Burrow speed could cause serious in-game problems. A player can bypass most obstacles, with almost zero investment. All they have to do is be a Trox. Any other way of just skipping things like this requires heavier investment. Especially in heroic.

  • The earthquake/avalanche thing seems unecessary. The only situation I can see that coming up in is one where the DM wants to suprise the players with something, I don't see why they'd put an avalanche in otherwise. Now the DM can't do that. And if he forgets that this racial feature exists and springs an earthquake on the players, the Trox guy won't be happy.

  • Tremorsense itself is incredibly hard to obtain in heroic. Maybe limit this to tremorsense 1 and have it scale as you level or something. I don't know how to balance this.

  • Grabbing arms is actually pretty reasonable. I believe Thri-Kreen have something comparable as either a racial feature or a heroic feat.

  • Resillience of the beetle is also pretty reasonable.

  • Chitin could be overpowered. Boosts to AC are very rare and very valuable, although this one is highly situational. Maybe have it boost Fort instead? Thta's a goood minor feature. Also, "fighting defensively" isn't a thing. I think you meant total defense.

  • Death Rattle is ridiculous. Slow and CA against every enemy in a burst 5? Look at Drow. Darkfire is comparable, but it just gives CA (and keeps the target from being invisible, but that's a rare case) and it has only one target. Drow get that power, Darkvision, and Trance. That's it. Trox have tremorsense (comparable to darkvision), and a bunch of other stuff, and a souped-up Darkfire. This might still be balanced if you just dropped the power altogether, but it might not. I'm not sure. Either way, it's overpowered now.

As for feats:

  •  Drop mighty carapace. Being able to use a shield without a free hand is way to easy to break.

  • Rolling twice is worth about +7, I believe. Dread carapace might be better off as a paragon or epic feat. I think there's otehr feats that let you roll twice in those tiers, but I'm not sure.

I based death rattle on the dragon born fear power, but swapped out the -2 on attacks in exchange for slow.

I could do -2 attacks and slow instead?

How's it look with the changes I made?
This is similar to dragonfear... Well, shoot. I still say it's overpowered, but it's been done before in an official source. Wow. Drow got the short end of the stick. With regards to dragonfear, this is about the same power level.

Everything else looks pretty good, but I just realized that Grabbing Arms is 1/turn. You can take a free action on someone else's turn. Meaning a Trox could draw/stow a bunch of times each round. Did you mean to make it 1/round?
No I figure drawing and sheathing a sword that often is about as useless as it sounds.

Maybe once on your turn, or once per round.

Edit: Ok tweaked it.

Edit 2: Ehe I've decided that enough abilities are based on CA that -2 attacks is actually a bit weaker than CA so I'll go with that.

I feel it needs one more good feature now, is it in need of such or am I just trying to power creep them because I like them now. 
added some new stuff for the trox, who should I do next Nagaji or Strix?
Ok Anything wrong with the trox as it stands?
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