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I am having trouble deciding which route I want to take with Selesnya the beatdown or the token route. I'm leaning a little bit towards the beatdown route because for me it seemed easier to make a solid list.

Restoration Angel is terrible in this deck.  Sublime Archangel supports your beatdown a lot more.

Not that hot on the Azorius guy or the huge wurm, either.  Why not just Wolfir Silverheart?  Or heck, Vorapede.

I do like Sigarda.

catowner wrote:
Welcome to 2012. Blue has the most efficient creatures, black has the all-in monocolored aggro deck, the most controlling deck in the format is green-red, control decks lose to aggro in attrition wars, and counterspells aren't an answer to fatties.
Islands wrote:
Pack Rat is like Bitterblossom and Tarmogoyf had a black baby.
I'm assuming you're going for an aggro strategy? If so, you'll want to lower your curve a little bit. Strangleroot Geist is an excellent two-drop. I'd definitely get a full set of those. I recommend Sigarda over the wurms, as she comes out a turn earlier. With your elves and pilgrims, you should have no problem ramping into her. You could use some more removal. Add in 2 more Oblivion Rings to bring your count to 4, maybe even put in some Pacifisms as well.

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*Deck Updated*

Thank You for your list beause that is much closer to what I was trying to go for and I was actually trying to fit in Thragtusk but there ended up not I being room. I guess The Justucars can go out for them.

 I don't know why I did not plan for Srangleroot in the deck and as for replacing Restoration for Sublime I don't think it's something I really want to do If I'm planning to put in Thragtusk.
I am aware that there are plenty of options for the late game. I'm still testing Sigarda vs the Wurm and I can't really saw which one I like betterin the. I personally think the Wurm is better because it puts 10 power and 2 bodies on the table but if Barter in Blood gets popular I can defenitly see me running Sigarda.

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