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I'm using the character builder to build out my character. My DM has given me the invulnerable coat of arnd but the character builder will not let this be equiped as armor so though it applies the +2 to AC, it does not apply the Chainmail armor bonuses and minuses (AC bonus of +6, speed and skill minueses for heavy armor etc). Is this because the armor provides a power that lets you change it to plate, scale or chainmail and the character builder is not sphisticated enough to allow for this? I just want to make sure i understand that this should or should not have the armor bonuses and minuses applied.

If so and i use one of the powers to change it to scale, would the +7 scale armor to AC apply at the time of change? The coat's power to change resistances is very specific in that they remain unchanged until you power change them again but the power to change it from chainmail to plate, scale or chainmail is not so if i were to change it, how long does it stay that way? Encounter? The round?
The Invulnerable Coat of Arnd procure enhancement bonus like all magic armor and the armor remains in a given form until you use the power to change it into another one. The Character Builder handles the Invulnerable Coat of Arnd poorly because its an armor that can change into a different armor and it doesn't adjucate that properly. 

The armor should give you the following AC depending on its form:

  Chainmail armor +9 AC  (+7 base, +2 enhancement)
  Scale armor +10 AC (+8 base, +2 enhancement)
  Plate armor +11 AC (+9 base, +2 enhancement)

Note that the base armor AC now increase automatically to reflect masterwork value (HoTFL pg. 344)
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