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What would you say is the philosophy of the ten hybrid colors. So far I thought of these...

: community
:ubm:: Secrecy
: Control
:urm:: Innovation

How would you describe the other hybrids. Just a fun question... no right or wrong answers.

My take:

: Order. "Everything has a rightful place in the system."
: Control. "With enough drive, anything is possible."
: Freedom. "Follow your heart, even if others tell you otherwise."
: Gut feeling. "Enjoy the simple things in life."
: Community. "Everyone is family."
: Hierarchy. "I will sacrifice anything for my allies."
: Creativity. "Dare to be different and explore the unknown."
: Survival. "The strongest rise to the top."
: Zeal. "My cause is more important than anything."
: Zen. "Search for the hidden meanings in everyday life."

Embrace imagination.

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I like that :D

: Control. "With enough drive, anything is possible."

aw, Circu should become a high school principal. I like that "go gettem' tiger" philosophy.

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That is a lovely painting of Richard Garfield. It really brings out his feminine side.
: Hierarchy. "I will sacrifice anything for my allies."

Including my allies...
: Zeal. "My cause is more important than anything."

I was thinking about this one earlier, and the first word that popped into my mind was "zealot". It's not a very positive word for me to attach to a color combination I favor. Heh.

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Moving to Design & Development Theory.

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The Talisman cycle from Mirrodin covers the ally pairings pretty well: Progress, Dominance, Indulgence, Impulse, and Unity.

For enemy pairings I'd go with:

: Oligarchy
: Novelty
: Survival
: Zeal
: Evolution

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Everyone always talks about flavor identities, but how about mechanical identities (which often stem from flavor)?

: Negation (ex. Meddling Mage)
I'll stifle your plan.
:wbm:: Deprivation (ex. Castigate)
I'll take your plan away.
:ubm:: Disruption (ex. Agony Warp)
I'll pick apart your plan.
:urm:: Trickery (ex. Swerve)
I'll twist your plan around.
:brm:: Suicide (ex. Acidic Sliver)
I'll throw all my resources away to kill you.
:bgm:; Recursion (ex. Necrogenesis)
I'll outlive you.
:rgm:; Haste (ex. Colossal Might)
I'll outpace you.
:rwm:; Assault (ex. Boros Swiftblade)
I'll clash with you.
:gwm:; Constitution (ex. Watchwolf)
I'll make bigger plays than you.
:gum:: Resource Management (ex. Coiling Oracle)
I'll outvalue you.

What I like about the dual/tri color schemes is that there are an infinite number of flavors to give to a combination of colors. 

EG- The original Ravnica, Lorwyn-Shadowmoor, and Shards of Alara take very different flavors to the same color pairs and often similar mechanics. 

Ravnica depicted :U:/:G: (my favorite color pair) as "smart evolution" (Coiling Oracle, Biometric Mastery, Cytoshape, Omnibian)

In Eventide, it was flavorfully "transmogrification", as depicted in (Snakeform, Spitting Image and Gilder Bairn)

In Shards on the otherhand, the :U::G: cards were less about manipulation of virtual shape, and was instead more set on defensive amassing (Lorescale Coatl, Winged Coatl, Vedalken Heretic, Sages of the Anima,

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Moving to Design & Development Theory.

What? Why? This has nothing to do with design or development. It's color philosophy. I'm pretty sure this either belongs in Flavor and Storylines or General.
Yeah design and development isn't quite the place for this...

I think that you've been moved here because you're talking about what drives each colour in card concept, and not storyline, characters or stories.  This Flavour and Storyline was the place for this thread before Design and Develoupment came to be.
Welcome to Design and Develoupment.

I'm going to start by defining each colour in four words.
{C} Specialty----- Goal-------- Drive------- Impliment
:Wm: Vitality------ Order------- Justice---- Martial (Arts / Force)
:Um: Knowledge- Control----- Curiosity-- Deception
:Bm: Ambition---- Domination- Greed----- Atrophy
:Rm: Speed------- Freedom---- Emotion-- Chaos
:Gm: Strength---- Life---------- Instinct---- Growth
Now each of these words is allowed to go to one pairing, to try an best describe the pair.

:Wum: -- Order, Control
"If I wanted your opinion, I'd have told you what it was." -- Stifle
:Ubm: -- Deception, Domination
"We actually have control."
:Brm: -- Ambition, Chaos
"I don't care, I do what I want! Sex and drugs!" -- Cartman
:Rgm: -- Freedom, Strength
"Only the strong may be free.  The rest are food." (Manamorphose's flavour text works too)
:Gwm: -- Vitality, Life
"All that is important in life, is the preservation of life itself."
:Wbm: -- Justice, Greed
"The only difference between Martydom and Suicide is press coverage" -- Panic! at the Disco. 
:Bgm: -- Atrophy, Growth
"Nothing can be gained without something of equal value being lost." -- Full Metal Alchemist
:Gum: -- Knowledge, Instinct
"It's what happens when you are born knowing what to do."
:Urm: -- Curiosity, Emotion
"Even as Vixit was disolved by the explosion, he smiled, having made the brightest light of the decade."
:Rwm: -- Martial, Speed
"History is written by the victors of war."

This isn't to say that they can't get the other atributes of the colour pairs, but rather, they should get it less often.

Given, my views here are more closely related to Ravnica's philosophy.  As Wynzerman said, Lorwyn/Shaddowmoor and Alara had different views.  I don't know much about Alara, because I kinda' didn't play much when it came out.
As far as I can tell, Shadowmoor was....
:Wum: Martial, Control
Ruled by Kithkin and Merfolk, they were the weenies who limited the opponents.
:Ubm: Knowledge, Domination
Ruled by Merfolk and the Fae, they controled your hand and library. They dominated  the knowledge.
:Brm: Atrophy, Emotion
The Cinders were angry and the goblins were reckless, trying to kill everyone as they died.
:Rgm: Speed, Strength
The Goblins were just kinda' fast to hit as hard as they could.
:Gwm: Justice, Growth
Elves stood for what was right and tried to save Shadowmoor. They gained you life.
:Wbm: Vitality, Greed
Ghosts and Hags were about giving you extra permanents/stuff, while getting rid of what your opponent had (not allowing them to get it back).  You would grow in defense, before taking out your opponent.
:Bgm: Ambition, Instinct
Hags, trolls and treefolk were about eating what you had (ambition), in a way that they naturally would, to get bigger and meaner.
:Gum: Curiosity, Life
Selkies were about transformation.  Instead of changing what the opponent did, they changed what you did.
:Urm: Deception, Chaos
Pucas and Noggles were silly things that typically blew up your opponent's things, or made what they wanted do the opposite. Their big thing was "unpredictability".
:Rwm: Order, Freedom
Goblins and Dwarves were about being lethal and controling in combat.
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I'll start with white guilds.

is zeal. This is the most heroic pairing, giving us Agrus Kos and the Mirran Resistance, but zeal can become zealotry fairly easily. The confict, between individuality and the collective, can lead to apparent hypocrisy. hates compromises, and ardent can lead to strident. The desire for both order and freedom can lead to hypocrisy.

is unity. This is generally the "good" pairing (There is no "good" or "evil" pairing.), but it's about being part of something greater than yourself. Total interdependence. Notice that green and white's idea of interdependence is different. Mark Twain summarized it best in The Mysterious Stranger:

Ursula bridled at this and said: "Perhaps you would like to have it. You must be rich, with your fine clothes and quality airs." Then she sniffed and said: "Give it to the rich - the idea! The rich don't care for anybody but themselves; it's only the poor that have feeling for the poor, and help them. The poor and God. God will provide for this kitten."

"What makes you think so?"

Ursula's eyes snapped with anger. "Because I know it!" she said. "Not a sparrow falls to the ground without His seeing it."

"But it falls, just the same. What good is seeing it fall?"

is conflict. These colors do devote themselves to a sense of community, but self-interest is always present. Think of the stories of mafia hits, where they still gave the victim his last rites before dumping him in the East River.

wants order. To , the world needs to abide by logic. This is what these two colors do best. Their greatest weakness is that, like , this is stifling, albeit in a different way: can never think of a new idea. says there is always time to do things properly.

Moar later.
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Clever deduction Watson! Maybe you can explain why Supergirl is trying to kill me.
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