Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle Unbanned

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Since Valakut is going to be unbanned do you guys think a deck like the one that won Atlanta GP in 2011 has any bearing in the format today.  I like the idea of this deck because it is inexpensive to build and seems fun to play.  Is this deck list too outdated to make any impact, are there any tweaks that we can do to make this relevant again?  Any help is appreciated.

Any ideas?  I've been starting to gather the cards that I own and my friends will let me borrow, can't wait to try this deck out.

You could go like the old extended lists, and run it as a UG control deck that ramps, then combo finish into mountains. Remands, Search for Tomorrow, Coiling oracle, Sakura Tribe Elder, Cryptic Cdmmand, Firespout, bolt etc...
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There's a great article on Star City today with several different versions of Valakut decks.  That can probably give you better ideas than most of us could.
I wouldn't play Khalni Heart Expedition. I would go with the best ramp effects - explore/rampant growth/farseek. Also I would play it without oracles and 4 Goyfs/4 Bloodbrad Elf and volcanic fallouts. You need a beatdown plan and bloodbraid+goyf is very good in doing that while volcanic fallout protects you from decks like WB tokens/affinity/delver/naya(or UWRG) kiki jiki pod.
Thank you Svetlio for some good input.  I dont have the money for the Goyfs, kinda why I wanted to build this deck haha.  As for the Khalni swapping for basically Farseek good plan, faster and can get anything (because of the Omen).  The ideas you placed in here kinda make it more then combo which is nice.
My brother has built a really nasty valakut deck that also abuses life from the loam and seismic assault.  You really don't even need the assaults, LFTL does so many good things in this deck its crazy.
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