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Hey everyone, 
I have alwasy really enjoyed playing control in the standard format. Its getting very difficult latley though but i tried to come up with a UR control. Here is what i cam up with. I may have to make it go more towards a control/agro burn deck though.

Any ideas/ suggestions are welcome! Or if you have your own deck feel free to list that too!!


Counter Spells (10)
4 Dissipaite
4 counter flux
2 Izzet Charm

Card Draw (4)
4 Think Twice

Spells (8)
3 Searing Spear
3 Magmaquake
2 Devil's Play
Flames of the Firebrand 

Creatures (12)
2 Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius
4 snapcaster mage
4 Guttersnipe
4 Nivmagus Elemental  or  Delver of Secrets  or  Vexing Devil

Land (24)
4 steam vents
4 sulfur falls
8 island
8 mountain

Side Board (15)
3 Vandablast
3 bonfire
4 essence scatter
4 fog bank
1 curse of echoes

Thanks For Reading!!!

honestly, neither look that great

but definitely work with UR since it actually has dual lands to support it as well as better spell potential

no one should even be considering blue and black as a combination right now. 

Blue is the best color ever. How do you deal?  ------------------------------  Team GFG - "gulf, foxtrot, gulf" 



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Best Pauper Deck in the format, not close:



[*c]Syncopate[/*c] without the asteriks becomes Syncopate.

b_f is right on target. 

U/R, too many counters.  Stormtide leviathan is not optimal unless it's in limited, edh, or casual; then I'm not even sure optimal is the best word for it.  Run the new Niv Mizzet.  Charm is meh.  Run Flames of the Firebrand over charms or searing spear.  Electrickery isn't too bad.  Geistflame is ok too.  Burn just isn't what it used to be.  Curse of echoes shouldn't be here.  Don't think Clone should be either.  What is gutter spin?

You may be better off using haste fatties like the Izzet promo prerelease card, and Desolation Tide.  You don't really have any permanents that you are wanting to keep on the board.  Trying to keep your main ideals intact, but I'm not sure this is where you want to be.  What's your game plan?  Counter everything till you get leviathan mana and drop and swing?
Thanks for the sugesstions guys, yeah the idea was play controlly. counter stuff and burn the stuff i dont. guttersnipe is the new goblin that whenever i play a spell it deals 2 damage to any creature/player. so plain is to have him our aswell while im countering/burning to deal extra damage. and then do tha till i get enough mana  to play a fattie and swing for win if they arnt dead to a burn-spell already.  

I just really like control and was tryen to play with it. i will keep worken on the UR deck now, not UB and see what i can get. i kinda still wanna play it controlly but i might have to make it kind of controll/aggro burn to make it work.

Any more suggestions are welcome!
Get a Curiosity or two. Infinite combo with Niv
Get a Curiosity or two. Infinite combo with Niv

hmmm thats a cool combo, i will deffently consider that.  I am thinking take out the Izzet Charm and putting in 2 Curiosity
Wrong Niv. That worked with the old one, not this one. Though it will draw you plenty of cards.
Ahhh yes. your right. i looked at the wrong niv. lol my bad.  
Anyone else have any ideas for the deck??
Here's my post rotation list if want to take a look. I would seriously consider some Charmbreaker devils. They're so much fun in my opinion!
Here's my post rotation list if want to take a look. I would seriously consider some Charmbreaker devils. They're so much fun in my opinion!

the link does not work for my, says invaild thread. but yeah i was thinking about him aswell.  still thinken on stuff. ill probably post my final list in a few days or so. 
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