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This is a great card, but when I steal the opponents land with it I have a terrible time convincing the game to let me tap that stolen land. Seems like all that game cares about is color, making it impossible to prioritize any particular land. Screwed me in a game earlier where I couldn't keep mana leak mana open because it wouldn't use the stolen land. As crappy as Mindstorm is as a deck, it would at least be nice to be able to use it to its full potential.
This one called Dominus of Fealty is really hard to use when you want to tap a land.  I think the codes are fighting, so like.  Rakdos' domain is awesome!  When in doubt, please inform the wizards about this bug!  I think if you push CTRL enough times on PC (maybe different on a game pad ipad, xbox gamer, ps3 gamer) could you convince it to tap that land?  That's the best I can offer, I am playing Magic 2013 on PC and Planetside 2 if ya want to meet up!
Yeah, in theory you should be able to use Ctrl (or equiavelent) until it picks the stolen land and the right combination, but this will only work if it's of a type you don't already have. If you steal a land of a type you do already have, I don't think you can specify which of a particular type (Island etc) get tapped. It's a similar problem to one on my buglist where the opponent is about to destroy your leftmost land of a certain type with Befoul or whatever, and you want to use it to cast/activate something in response. The game always seems to pick the rightmost available lands of each type, and you can't cycle this, so you can't respond properly by tapping the sensible land.
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