Help in building the Sunder Engine

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Hello, I wish for some help in building around this power:
Sundered Mountain, Monk Attack 15
Daily + Implement, Psionic
Standard Action Melee touch
Target: One creature
Attack: Dexterity vs. Fortitude
Hit: 4d1 0 + Dexterity modifier damage.
Miss: Half damage.
Effect: The target is subjected to sundering (save ends).
Until this effect ends, the target takes 5 damage for
each square it willingly enters. If the target moves more
than half its speed willingly, it falls prone at the end of
its movement. While you are adjacent to the target, it
cannot make saving throws to end this effect.

As you can see, it's one of the very few damage sources that hasn't been hit with the 1/turn rule.
And it probably won't, since its whole point is to punish multiple squares of movement.
And it's not limited to enemies. See where I'm going with this?

But first, we need to tackle some issues.
Unfortunately, as a engine to certain self-damage builds it has several big problems:
1) It's a daily.
2) You need a way to purposely fail your saves.
3) It's psionic, rather than arcane, meaning it's less open to alteration by feats.

So we begin by asking two questions:
1) Do you want to compress the build into 1 character?
If so, you are in for a tough time in deciding what to include in the build.
If not, things become easier, you can just ask a teammate to apply the effect on you, and you can focus on doing your thing.
This also solves the "failing your save" part, since as long as you end your turn adjacent to your teammate, you don't (or rather, can't) save against it.
And no, you don't count as being adjacent to yourself, I asked, heh.

2) How often do you plan on using this in a day?
This depends on your DM's daily workload for your party.
If you want to use this multiple times a day, here are some recharge options I've found so far:
Epic Destinies
1) Archmage

  • You can use a daily attack power twice at lvl21, and as an encounter power at lvl30.

  • REQUIRES YOU TO BE A WIZARD, which is quite limiting.

2) Godmind

  • lvl26 utility can recharge your dailies once a day, so total usage of only 2.

  • On the plus side, it doesn't have any pre-reqs other than a psionic class, and you need to be a monk anyway.

3) Champion of Prophecy

  • At lvl30, you can recharge an expended daily power each milestone.

  • A capstone feature, but if your DM is merciless in your number of encounters per day, this might good for you.

  • Oh, and no pre-reqs.

The Engine:

Credit goes to mellored's Interdictor build for giving me the idea for the boots.
Here is the skeleton of the combo:

  • Sundered Mountain power, which requires a Monk somewhere in your build.

  • Low Crawl feat, allowing you to shift while prone (due to the effect proning you should you move half your speed).

  • Boots of Caiphon, allows you to shift your speed as a minor, though the self-damage piles on quickly.

  • Speed and shift boosters. You should be able to get to around shift 10 at least. More is possible I'm sure.

Optional engine modifications:

  • You can omit the Boots of Caiphon, if you think the self-damage is too high. The longer you sustain yourself, the more damage you'll be able to pump out in the long run, after all.

  • Saving Grace feat, which allows you to forgo ending an effect you saved against. Requires divine class.

  • Resists and/or healing. Balancing your resist with the self-damage is tricky though, if you can manage to get resist 4 all, you're golden.

  • Revenant for sub-zero and minor action cheesing (although I refrain from using the latter part).

The Build Chassis:

Here are two build options I've found so far to which you can apply the effect.

1) The Sunder Generator

  • Breach Warden PP (requires Warden)

  • Lightning Soul feat

  • Lightning weapliment

  • Optional: Half-elf, with both Versatile Master and Defending Dabbler (and an at-will like Hand of Radiance)

Change Sundered Mountain's damage type to lightning, then mark your target(s).
Proceed to move around as much as you can, damaging them with 10 (15 at epic) + [Con mod] lightning damage per square moved.
If you're content with single target-damage, you can forego the half-elf and rely on the Hybrid Warden mark.
Lightning resist enemies makes this build a sad panda.

Assuming shift 10, and shift 3 times as minor, that's around 200+ damage at epic x3= 600+ lightning damage that auto-hits per turn.

2) The Radiant Sunderer
Credit goes to Armisael for bringing this PP to our attention:

  • Radiant Serpent PP (again, requires Warden)

  • Radiant weapliment

  • Crystalline Breastplate or some other way to negate your resist/gain vuln

Same method, but you will be gaining [half your level] extra radiant damage to all your attacks til the EoNT for each square moved.
When combined with either your Monk multi attacks + FoBs (they should count as attacks) or your Magic Missile as RBA (assuming you went wizard for Archmage) and combined with party enablers, this can deal out more damage than the previous build.

Balancing your resists is trickier here though, since Radiant Serpent gives you radiant resist equal to half your level.
The sweet spot (self-damage wise) is at level 28-29, and using a Crystalline Breastplate with 10 vuln.

Assuming lvl30 and shift 10, shift twice as minor (standard to attack), that's 300 extra radiant damage on all your attacks, including FoBs.
Auto-hit and RBA fun if Magic Missile.

That's all I have so far.
I can't manage to find a way to fit in all these things in one build, however:
1) Single character
2) Daily recharge
3) Self-save failure (divine class for Saving Grace)
4) Monk and Warden (required for engine and the existing chassis, respectively).

Any more build ideas that we can attach this combo to?