DM's party cheat sheet, is there a good pre-made one?

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I'm running a game soon enough, and in the past when I've played, I have liked to get all my character's basic stats down, such as race, class, defenses, etc. on a sheet so I don't have to ask them every time I need to know and slow down the game. Does anyone know of a good, pre-made, printable sheet on the internet that I could print out and fill out and use? Having something to hand out to my players to fill out would be easier.
If they're using the 4e character builder, they can give you the printout of the card with the summary on it. It'll have everything you would need.

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I spent a couple of bux at staples and bought a big stack of index cards.  The players get some to use to write down all their powers on (which makes it easy to quick reference, doesn`t clutter their sheets, and allows for them to simply track which have been used), and then I use the rest for NPC and monster cards and to keep the characters stats available. 
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