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Any longer out of character discussions should go into this thread.

That would include longer rules discussions, feedback on the game, treasure wishes or any other comments, thoughts etc you might have, not even necessarily related to the game itself.

This doesn't mean that you can't post anything out of character in the game thread. Combat mechanics and brief clarification questions still go in there, but any longer discussion will no longer clutter the game thread if we put it in here.
First thing that I'm going to ask in here is: Do you have any particular treasure wishes?
Magic Item wishlist? Gersh, I'll have to work on that. First thing that comes to mind is a Sunblade (level 4 uncommon-Heavy Blade for my Scythe)

On another note, I'll be granting attacks and saving throws to the party members and in order to keep the game moving along I'd like to have everyone's permission to make the rolls for them during my turn. It would be very useful for me if you could list somewhere for me what your basic attacks are (Particularly if you have a power that can be used as a basic attack) so I can choose who I want to make the attacks and I'll know what modifiers to use for the rolls. Probably best to note if you have any adjustments to saving throws as well, such as dwarves getting +5 to save vs poison effects, just so I can count it in if I grant you a save.

@ Mysteria: Is it safe to assume that Januarius knows Kendra as his background has him spending time living with Lorrimor? Due to his illness, it's fairly concievable that he didn't spend much time out in the twon, so he wouldn't be any more knowledgable about it than the others. He may have heard of some of the others though, as he lived at the estate for awhile...
Yes, you can know Kendra, no problem. In fact, every one who knows the professor can know Kendra too, if you want to know her.
Crimson, you are welcome to use the Professor's Sun Strike any time you want.  It is a ranged basic attack with a 1 square slide.  The relevant attack and damage info will be in my Signature.  It also does not provoke OAs because of Staff Expertise.
Added the perception score to Jack's sheet; Jack doesn't have any good MBA's (yet) but his RBA is accurate and can pack a punch if sneak attack applies (1/turn)

Dagger Throw: +8 vs. AC, *Range 5/10. 1d4+4 damage (+2d8 sneak attack)

*Need to double check the throwing range for a dagger

Edit: As for items, in the near future these are my interests.

Battle Harness Leather Armor
Shielding Blade (Dagger)
Andrezi only has a good MBA (& no RBAs) while in Beast Form.

Oh and hi everyone.

I should have Andrezi updated into the character thread tomorrow (my time).

Mysteria: No particular item requests at this stage. 
OK, I've looked over the mechanics. Some questions and remarks:

Caleroberts: heavy armour agility = no speed penalty?

Jack's second language is what?
You have one point left for ability scores as far as I can see.

Please add the details of your powers. (Disregard that comment if you're already working on that.)
Please also include your spirit's details in there: AC and 'hp' (meaning how much damage has to be done to it before it disappears).

Second language?
Implement focus and primal Wrath do what? (I don't have the source ... I think.)

Yes, I probably should have put WIP at the top of that sheet. I knew I had more work to put into it, but didn't have the time last night and my Character Builder isn't loading properly for some reason. Perhaps they are adding updates to it this weekend. It shouldn't be too hard to calculate my attacks without it though, since I took none of the expertise feats and have no other bonuses to attack.
Caleroberts: heavy armour agility = no speed penalty?

That is correct.
Wish list Levels 1-5:
Weapon: Sunblade or Stormbiter
Armor: Hero's armor, or Bold Victory armor
Arm: Bracers of Mental might
Foot: Boots of Spider Climb or Cat Step Boots
Hand: Gloves of Grace or Parry Gauntlets
Neck: Amulet of Physical Resolve, Amulet of Health, Brooch of No Regrets, or Healer's Brooch
Sheet's looking good now. Just one nitpick: Would you mind using a different green? Reading that one gives me a headache.
no problem, all fixed.
The Restlands are the cemetary?
Character Sheet updated (Added Halfling as a second language, +1 Wis score)

Well, that's 5 of us so far. I don't think I've ever been in a party with this many humans either!
Yes, but only three in the game thread so far.

- Missing Language.
- Power details please. You also still have the ironwrought attack power listed.
- I have athletics 9 and endurance 8. Am I missing something?
- You have money left over. I'd buy an adventurer's kit, that still leaves you with 20gp.

edit: Wellby
I just checked. Halflings don't have a separate language.
Finally posted my sheet, sorry for the delay. I will add in the detailed power info later on, when I have time. We are still running 4e, right? I ask because the subforum is labelled as Pathfinder. 
Yes. It's because it's pathfinder adventure path ... and because my other forum is also called pathfinder - that way they're both together.

And no need to apologize for not posting right away.
Hey, at least you joined us in the cemetary! Now we need to give Cailte and Dracon a gentle tug so we can really get this game rolling!

Second language?
Implement focus and primal Wrath do what? (I don't have the source ... I think.)

Language: Primordial

Implement Focus +1 damage per tier ie the implement version of Weapon Focus (already factored in)

Primal Wrath - While you are not wearing heavy armor, you gain a +1 bonus to the attack rolls of druid attack powers and druid paragon path attack powers that have the cold, fire, lightning, or thunder keywords. (Already factored in)

So don't expect to see Andrezi working up into Heavy Armor

Looks like we're almost all there in-game too now. I guess our Viscount will be late already.
Sorry, game started up on my birthday weekend, lol. My fault, I should be fully integrated into the game by tonight, if not today.

Edited the sheet to include everything requested, including languages and GP. As for the skill thing, it was a leftover from the theme. Last time I had edited the sheet, I was lazy. Rather than removing the theme in the builder, and pasting the new summary, I just removed the words "Theme: Ironwrought" from the post, lol, meaning I unintentionally left the theme's power and skill bonuses on the sheet. Fixed now, though.

As for a wish list, my primary goal is a Grasping Trident, though I understand we may be a ways off from that. For now I'd settle for an Amulet of Life, Challenge-Seeking Trident, and Dwarven Scale. 
No problem, I was just poking some fun at you.

And: happy birthday!

Ah, that explains the skill. I could have thought of that by myself!
Think I'll hold off on posting IC too see who all else is going to pick up an end of the casket. Januarius isn't exactly well suited for the task, due to his shakes, but if no one else volunteers he would force himself to take up an end.

Welcome to the party Dracon! Now let's get this thing rolling!
The gang is all here! Quick query, I've been trying to decide on a second language for Jack; something that would make sense as a part of his background. Is there a common language for commerce other than common? Or perhaps a language used on the black market/underground?

Most languages are racial based. As such, it depends on what type of work you did for the Professor. If you moved through elven or dwarven lands you could have easily picked up one of those. I went with Giant since that is what orcs speak and there is a large nation of orcs right on the border of Ustalav.

Thieves cant never really made its way into 4th, and even if it had, Rogues likely would have it as a class feature. Which kind of leaves that out. Draconic might be good, if Jack has done anything with stealing things of a magical nature though. That is the language typically used for magical scrolls or books and things of that nature...
What he said.

Common pretty much is the language of commerce and humanity as well as halflings.

Also, 4e doesn't really lend itself to having too many languages, notably diverse human languages, because access to languages isn't as easy as in 3rd because now you have to take a feat instead of using skill points.
One more on the coffin guys and gals.  Who is going to stand next to the creepy professor?
Well, I was hoping we'd have another volunteer from either our bard or our not arrived yet Viscount. However...

- Add a skill check. (Intimidate, I'd say.)

- As long as he's not posted in-game, Khavarian is not there. You'll have to get somebody else to hold the coffin if you want to let go of it.
Fair enough.  I will be back from class in ~1.5 hours.

I will come up with a replacement for Khavarian then, unless someone wants to voulenteer?

I edited the the post to include a crappy roll and the professor now asks Pan to take the Coffin.
sorry Walrus, Pan seemed to be the only other PC capable of carrying the coffin.
Haha, trade-offs everywhere. The Prof. is going to need to take the scythe off Pan's hands for this, and hey, maybe it will give you an intimidation boost.  And I don't mind him taking the coffin, I was going to have him volunteer the first time but I've just been really busy this week. I'll get a post up later tonight if I can, and tomorrow if not.
The Prof. is going to need to take the scythe off Pan's hands for this.

 No problem.
I was thinking we should set the coffin down, just off to the side of the path at least until this confrontation is over. And don't worry about the scythe, I'll be summoning it away from you as soon as we set the coffin down.
Apparently my rolls aren't much better... wish I had used speak with spirits before that roll now.
Setting it down is even better.
btw, as you've probably noticed, I'd rather not spell out which skills you can and cannot use in a given situation. Just think of what you'd like to do and add the skill you think most fitting. I can always assign the rolled die to a different skill if I strongly disagree with your assessment. (If I do so, I'll inform you first.)

That's also faster in play-by-post as I have the action and check in one post and don't have to first tell you what skill check to do, then wait for you to roll it, before posting the resolution.

Oh yes, the first check was a failure and the second a success, in case it's not clear for somebody.
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