Adventure modules involving the sea and underwater caves

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I'm looking for a list of any adventures (any edition of D&D) that involve the ocean or water, in particular exploring caves/dungeons/ruins underneath the water. Any names you can give, even if it's just one adventure, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Note: I posted this in the previous editions forum but I'm cross posting it here because I know a lot of Dungeon readers visit this forum.
well you must be aware of ashenport, the lovecraftian early 4e adventure that ends in a flooded cave?

there has been some kuo-toa support recently, i know there were two adventures recently that dealt with them; skim the last 5 or so dungeons and you should find them.

there was also an adventure locale thing richard baker (?) did a while back about a cavern flooding too. it was cool bc there were stationary rafts chained to the wall, so they wouldnt really move but would rise as the room flooded.

as for old school adventures, lost caverns of tsojcanth has some underground water, same with shrine of the kuo-toa. sinister secret of saltmarsh deals with smugglers.

thats off the top of my head; i dont know of a compiled list. nothing else is coming to me at the moment, but if you want to ask old school experts try the dragonsfoot forums
The sinister secret of salt marsh from 1/2edition was a coll little adventure I think it's U1 and ends with u3.  It has caves and high water adventure and ends with an old ruin partly underwater
i forgot to mention modron

forgive me dnd gods

Dungeon 158 had Sea Reavers of The Shrouded Crags and in that there was a portion of the adventure underwater with a minisub, some aquatic combat and a raid on a kuo-toa lair in some undersea caves.

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