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I’m looking for some help on providing class/stats for the Red Angels vigilante group from the adventure Infernal Wrath.

Red Angels named

The pic reveals the hidden identities and how they appear to the public.  I’m looking for class [including multi and hybrid] to match their image (not their normal daily image).

The deeds known to the public since their appearance a year ago:

  • When they caught a dwarf merchant who had cheated customers, the Red Angels branded him, confiscated his goods and money, and chased him from town.

  • The Red Angels hanged a tiefling trader on suspicion of necromancy and other black magic, then drove his wife and two children out of town.

  • The Red Angels ran off a group of halfling wanderers who were squatting in a warehouse at the docks after losing all their cash gambling at the Red Eye Inn.

  • They beat a half-orc traveler who both lifted a coin purse and started a fight at the inn.

  • Two rival bandits who had chosen Raske’s town square as the site for a duel were killed by the group.

  • They ransacked the wagon of a family of settlers staying in town for a season, interrogating them on the suspicion that they were harboring fugitives.  No evidence was found.

  • After killing the tiefling thief Chath, the Red Angels burned his corpse in the street as a warning to others like him

Their current adversary is 6th level solo [equivalent to five standard monsters], but he hunts then down one-by-one leaving me to surmise that despite his unnatural abilities he fears to take them as a group [he has a fatal deadline that he fears worse than death].  If pushed by time constraints he will try to take out two, but this is a last ditch effort they he would rather avoid.

Tiefling Paladin - Pure Defensive build
Tiefling Cleric - Offensive melee build
Tiefling Ranger - Ranged build
Tiefling Bard - Pure Controller build

There you go.  A group of people who are trying to seperate themselves from the evil reputation of their race.  They are more neutral evil, or maybe chaotic neutral.  Trying to be good, but grew up around evil.  So they don't know how to act any other way. 
Leader is the Paladin and the oldest of the family.  Cleric and Bard are twins.  And the Ranger is considered the baby of the group because he's 10 years younger.
Totally not taking from a certain book series.  You could replace it with a group of humans who dye their hair red.

Ok, for those who have not read or cannot because they do not subscribe to DDI:

C = Human (F)
I = Dwarf (F)
J = Human (M)
K = Human (M)
R = Halfling (F)

If the photo link is still not working let me know.

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