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I'm new to this game.  I've played one time at my local game store and really liked it.  I was wondering if anyone could recommend a race/class that is good for new players.  I'm really leaning towards human/cleric or human/wizard.  Any information would be helpful.  Thanks!

It's not really about what's best for new players, but rather what are you interested in playing.  If you are asking what is easier to create and having less overwelming option, think about the essentials classes primarily.  

Easier to play, go with martial essentials classes with no daily powers: Slayer, thief, knight, maybe scout or hunter.  But easier is not necessarily more fun.  It may well be, its ver subjective.


As for races, apart from a few oddballs in support books, they're about equivalent in terms of complexity from a new player standpoint - which is to say, not very.

One caveat if you're mostly used to other games: the D&D cleric is a (mostly) heavily-armored warrior-priest rather than a caster, per se; if you're after a spellcasting equivalent then you'd want to look at the invoker (from the PHB2).
I think I've pretty much decided on the Human/Cleric.  I was making my character on the builder tool and noticed I had to purchase the items.  Where do I get gold to buy items if I'm playing at my local store?  And how do I convert treasure I've found to money to buy items to arm my character?
Assuming first level: You are assumed to have 100gp to equip yourself.

Then you play, during your playing time you find stuff (gold, equipment ...), which you can then either use directly or sell at 20% market price. Then you can buy new items.
Is that on the honor system?  How do you put the treasure on there to sell?
Your DM will have to allow you to meet NPCs to whom you can sell your unwanted treasure.
If you're playing at the game story then you'll also want to check what sort of game they're running: an Encounters game (which is reasonably likely at a store) has specific rules and procedures to follow beyond those of a general/home game.
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