Eyes on Eberron: The Aurum

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I thought it was cool. I was expecting something on the organization and methods of the Aurum itself, but....having a profile of three noteable Aurum members was actually cool.


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I, too, was expecting more of an organizational article or at least something that dealt with their plans or plots.  But I must say I was happily surprised to see NPCs instead.  I always love extra NPCs to throw into my campaign, especially those tied to specific organizations.
In writing the article, what I wanted to highlight is the fact that every Concordian has a story, and each one has their own personal goals that may push them towards acting as enemies or allies for player characters. While the Shadow Cabinet has a unified purpose, the Aurum at large doesn't; and even within the Shadow Cabinet, each Concordian has different tools and resources based on the source of their wealth and influence.
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