Advice for a Red Deck?

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We've got a new card shop opening, so I want to join in on the Modern games. I'd like to build it less burn/weenies, more Slighish. Goblin Guide is a 4-of, no doubt. I'm looking at Thundermaw Hellkite as my finisher. Plated Geopede and Kargan Dragonlord are definite 2-drops. To accompany Goblin Guide, I am leaning toward either Figure of Destiny or Ember Hauler. Since my deck will be packing between 24-26 lands, Figure is a feasible 1-drop; probably better than Grim Lavamancer under these conditions.

Roughly: 23 Creatures, or 20 Creatures + 3 Koth, 24-26 Lands, 12-14 Instants/Sorceries. That sort of deck; "Big Red" or "Red Aggro."

Some cards I'd like to hear your opinions on:

Burst Lightning: 1 for 2, or 5 for 4 to a creature or players. If I have Koth, this seems good.
Flame Slash: It only targets creatures, but it is 4 for 1. Alongside Lightning Bolt, Searing Blaze and Bonfire of the Damned, the caveat of only hitting players shouldn't be too much of a minus, right?
Cathedral of War: If I were to keep Lavamancer over Figure of Destiny, this can let him do stuff after my graveyard has been exhausted by his effect. It also lets Guides, Geopedes etc. push through for a bit more damage. Plus if I get multiples out...
Hellion Crucible: It looks like a good mana dump after I'm out of spells in my hand. A 4/4 isn't bad; plus it becomes Grimmy food. If I main Koth, it'd be simple to get those counters on here.
Teetering Peaks: A CITP Mountain that adds a brief plus. I'd be tempted to say Cathedral of War is a bit better, since multiples add up +1/+1's...
Smoldering Spires: Frenzied Goblin as a CITP Mountain. I think this is the weakest of my land selections.

I thank you for anything you have to add. Right now I am looking at a landbase of 8 Fetches (UR/RW), 2 Cathedral of War, 2 Hellion Crucible and 12 Mountain, or 8 Fetches, 3 Cathedral, 2 Hellion Crucible, and 12-13 Mountain.