Valakut the Molten Pinnacle

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I am incredibly disapointed that there are no threads discussing this:

So Valakut is going to be legal in Modern starting October 1st.  Titan Ramp dominated standard up until caw blade became a thing, and after caw blade got banned.  Scapeshift was a good deck in extended.  How is Valakut going to affect modern?  What decks will come to fruition as a result.  What hate is going to be necessary (if at all) for this?  Also, super glad I kept my foiled playset.
i'm glad i get to trade my 2 'kuts away.

I hope wizards made the right call with this unbanning. Still feel they should have started with Ancestral Visions. 
Banned from MTGSalvation for being me. They don't like me. I have opinions. That and I called them all Nazi's.
I have my baby back. Scapeshift aggro here I come!
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