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Okay I have the staple cards for this deck locked, what I'm struggling with is the rest. A few of the best cards for Borros humans are rotating but I think I've found a few decent replacements. Here's my list, point and poke at what needs to be removed/changed. Thanks.

1 Drops:
x4 Champion of the Parish
x3 Geistflame (replaces gut shot)

2 Drops:
x4 Ash Zealot (hell of a 2 drop, and puts a damper on flashback/gravecrawler/messenger)
x4 Lightning Mauler
x3 Thalia, Guardian of Thrabden (x1 in SB)
x4 Elite Inquisitor (Next best thing to Mirran Crusader)
x4 Gore-House Chainwalker (Not nearly as good as stoormblood berserker but it is a 3/2 two drop) 

3 Drops:
x4 Stormblade Captain
x3 Fiend Hunter (for a little bit of removal)
x2 Kessig Malcontents (I really don't know about this, but it could deal some damage)

4 Drops:
x3 Odric, Master Tactician

22 Lands:
x4 Cliftop Retreat
W/R Unknown

Sideboard would include:
x4 Loyal Cathar (anti board wipe)
x1 Thalia, Guardian of Thrabden
The rest is undecided as of now.

Dream plans would be
1) Play Odric turn 4 soulbond him with lightning mauler, swing with champion of the parish 4/4, ash zealot 2/2, lightning mauler 2/1, odric 3/4, declare no blockers with odric and GG.
2) T1 Champion of the Parish, T2 Lightning Mauler swing with Champion -2, T3 Stormblade Captain, double strike on Champion swing with champion and mauler -8 (10 left), T4 play Odric soulbond with mauler attack declare no blockers via odrics effect, hit for -17 and it'd be GG.

^^^ I know this situations would be extremely rare but you never know, it could happen. ^^^

Even without crazy 4th turn win, it still got some crazy low cost creatures in it to beat their way to a win.
Ash Zealot doesn't interact with Messenger like you think. It does with Flashback and Gravecrawler, though.

Pillar of Flame is much, much better than Geistflame, as is Electrickery.

That being said, burn is going to hurt your manabase a lot. My best Boros Human deck prerotation didn't run much burn because of that. It might be worth putting this deck on the backburner until Boros.
Also, Silverblade Paladin is a 4-of and I think Sublime Archangel outclassed Odric.
Slayers' Stronghold is an alternative way of giving Odric haste.
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