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I need mono red combonations that will work for my red burn/beatdown deck. One such combo I found was using Goblin Tunneler on Fiery Hellhound to make him unblockable, then amp his attack until I had 3 to four mana left over, then cast Rush of Blood to swing for 12 plus damage, or if I really want to nail a pesky creature of my opponent's, I would simply attack with Hellhound, and then wait for my opponent to respond with blockers, then amp his strength and use Rush of Blood to rip through high toughness creatures without first or double strike. I have also used Rush of Blood with Chandra's Spitfire by using Lightning bolt, Staggershock, creatures like Goblin Fireslinger, then using Rush of Blood to do insane amounts of damage (Once did 30 damage from Spitfire alone!) Not too outstanding, but it get's the job done a lot of the time. However, I seek other creatures that could really benefit from Rush of Blood without spending too much mana or waiting until too late in the game to pull off without the other player interfering, any ideas?
Then I guess, you want Immolating Souleater. Or Captive Flame, which essentially gives all your creatures the Firebreathing ability. Then you can focus on creatures with double strike or such, like Hearthfire Hobgoblin.
Wow Immolating looks nice! I just remembered Tresspassing Souleater also! Pay 2 to make him unblockable, amp using firebreathing, then Rush of Blood to crack even more unblockable damage! Thanks for the other ideas!
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---- Autocard is your friend. Lightning Bolt = Lightning Bolt
wild defiance.  With just a 1/1, rush of blood plus defiance trigger swings for 8 damage,  add on a [c]titantic growth[c] there and suddenly you're swinging for 22.