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Text: 1 creature you control within 5 squares makes a melee attack.

So strictly from the wording, the creature that uses this card would be eligible as a target as it belongs to you and is within 5 spaces of itself.  That said, it does not seem to be in the spirit of what the card was intended to do.  Is there a ruling for these types of effects that states otherwise or can Death Sentence be used on the creature that is designated the user of the action?

At Gen Con, I was informed that the creature using the action can be the creature making the attack, as per stated by the card.  That's how I've been playing it.
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Thanks! It does make sense in some ways, and for a level 3 card it seems reasonable in terms of power.

www.wizards.com/dnd/Article.aspx?x=dnd/d... The cards power is explained right under the image. I plan to use it in my curse of undeath deck. I believe it combos well with all the charisma based monsters and the skeletal tomb guardian.
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