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Can this style of ranger use a long sword in his man hand and a short sword in his oft hand.  Does he need to take a feat to do this or can he just plain do it.
Everyone can wield two weapons like you describe.
The ranger's class features allows for two weapons of any sort instead of requiring an off-hand weapon to be a light weapon.
standard practice is that anyone can wield a 1 handed weapon in their main hand and a 1 handed weapon with the off-hand property in their off-hand.  A short sword is a weapon with the off-hand property.  You can't use a weapon without that property in your off-hand without eating penalties.  Or you just can't not sure what the exact rule is but it makes more sense to just stick penalties on, just like when you wield an armor you're not proficient in.

Two blade rangers that actually take the two blade fighting style gain the following benefits:

- They gain the ability to use a 1 handed weapon in their off-hand that does not have the off-hand property without any penalty.  Meaning you could have two bastards swords, two longswords, two spears etc etc.. 
- They gain the feat to get +5 health per tier as well if memory serves.
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 Any character can wield a one-handed weapon in one hand and a one-handed weapon with the off-hand property in the other. They can choose to attack with either one, but can't attack with both of them unless the power you're using says they can.
Only ranger powers and certain fighter powers allow you to attack with both weapons using the same power.
 If a ranger chooses the Two Blade combat style, they gain the class feature "you can wield a one-handed weapon in your off hand as if it were an off-hand weapon"...
This means that they can wield two one-handed weapons at once, and don't need to have one of those weapons have the off-hand property to be able to attack with both of them when one of their powers allows them to do so.


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