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If someone declares they are flashing back Artful Dodge, can I then use Shadowfeed to stop it?


If I use Shadowfeed on Artful Dodge, can he then respond and cast Artful Dodge for its flashback cost?
Shadowfeed -> [c]Shadowfeed[/c]
Artful Dodge

1) No. By the time you have priority to respond, artful dodge is on the stack, not in the graveyard.

2) No, artful dodge is a sorcery. If it was an instant he could. 
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Or if he had some way to cast it as an instant, he could respond.

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Please autocard: [c]Shard Phoenix[/c] = Shard Phoenix.

It's important to remember that there is a fundamental difference between the mechanics of Unearth and Flashback. Unearth is an activated ability that doesn't do anything to the card until it resolves (so a Shadowfeed in response could stop it). Flashback isn't an activated ability. It's a static ability that allows the card to be cast from the graveyard.

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