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Hiya guys! I'm looking at a character I'm playing at the moment, and I'm just clueless how to conceptually convert him to 4e.
If the character was made with 3.5 rules, he'd be a gish. (fighter/wizard/eldricht knight)

So... I see some obvious ideas here.

Knight (With the eldricht knight paragon path)

And conceptually, the character is more of a controller with a secondary role as defender/striker.
What are your ideas?

I really like what I see when I check out the bladesinger, but people keep telling me I won't have a good time with it.  
Melee Warlock is probably your best bet.  Not Hexblade, but Warlock using Eldritch Strike rather than Blast.
Harrying your Prey, the Easy Way: A Hunter's Handbook - the first of what will hopefully be many CharOp efforts on my part. The Blinker - teleport everywhere. An Eladrin Knight/Eldritch Knight. CB != rules source.
I'd ask your DM if he would be alright with you testing out the bladesinger for a session or so just to see if you like it or not before making a judgement call.

I'm curious, do you have the Arcane Power supplement? The only reason I ask is because it describes a third type of swordmage (other than the assaulting or shielding variety), called the ensnaring sword mage. This build is, as all swordmages are, primarily a defender but with the secondary role of controller, and specializes in teleporting enemies who attack his allies to one of the squares adacent to him. I know one person who had fun standing by the edge of cliff and teleporting several enemies next to him so they fell down it...

 Bladesinger may say controller on the package with a secondary of striker, but it's closer to a true hybrid striker|controller - it's a bit half-assed at both.

 You'll need to pick one of your secondary roles - you can either be a controller/striker or controller/defender, but you just don't have the resources to cover all of them without spreading yourself far too thin.



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  The Eldritch Knight is essentially a wizard who trades off a couple of levels of spellcasting to gain slightly better physical attack value and a couple of feats. In 4E terms, that's pretty much any arcane-power character that has some ability to operate from the front lines.

  There are a LOT of ways to do that; a hexblade, a standard warlock with a focus on melee powers, or a sorcerer with a focus on melee/close powers are broadly similar, but you could do something equivalent with a bard or artificer if you focused on the control aspects. There are nichey ways to do it with the wizard and swordmage as well - the swordmage probably isn't your ideal option because it's much more "fighter" than "wizard" in its style.

  Since you're new to 4E, the hexblade is probably the best option simply because it works in a reasonably appropriate way out of the box.
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