Cut-Me-To-60 Challenge: RW Stall-Burn

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Okay folks, it's time for a new community challenge, methinks!
Mrs. Bl00m pulled a Rhox Faithmender and a foil Baneslayer Angel the other day, and wanted a new deck to sit them in.
Her aims:

  • Build a deck that sits nicely next to The Red Zone in a 2HG game, but can play well by itself.

  • Stall via obnoxious amounts of lifegain.

  • Ramp mana with Doubling Cube.

  • Burn people off the table late-game.

So we pulled out everything we had undecked that vaguely fit the concept, and came up with an 85-card pile. Now it's time to trim.
Here is said pile:
Creatures - 21
1 Baneslayer Angel (Must be in by Mrs. Bl00m's decree)
1 Chandra's Spitfire (Only copy we have, obnoxious win next to Earthquake effects)
1 Commander Eesha (Just good)
1 Fountain Watch (Protects our ramp and defense cards)
3 Mentor of the Meek (Card draw. Only have three available)
1 Purity (Yeah, well...)
1 Rhox Faithmender (Must be in by Mrs. Bl00m's decree)
3 Shattered Angel (Obnoxious lifegain ahoy! Only three available)
4 Soul Warden (And more obnoxious lifegain!)
1 Wall of Essence (Early defender and lifegainer)
3 Wall of Omens (Early defender and card advantage)
1 Windborn Muse (Stall card, only one available)

Spells - 33
3 Doubling Cube (Ramp. Must be in by Mrs. Bl00m's decree)
4 Gauntlet of Power (More ramp. Will likely be set to white in this deck)
3 Boros Signet (Mana acceleration)
1 Jayemdae Tome (Card draw)
2 Norn's Annex (Stall card)
1 Sunglasses of Urza (Excellent colour-fixer for this deck, given we are heavy white and minimal red)
1 Chandra Nalaar (She was hanging around)
1 Angelic Chorus (More obnoxious lifegain)
1 Ghostly Prison (Stall card)
1 Light of Sanction (Makes our guys Earthquake-proof. Good combo with Fountain Watch)
1 Oblivion Ring (Removal. Only had one left)
1 Day of Judgment (Natch)
1 Earthquake (Captain Obvious's boardsweeper of choice)
2 Saltblast (Removal)
1 Slagstorm (Blanket damage liked by Mrs. Bl00m)
1 Comet Storm (FTW)
1 Magmaquake (Recent M13 pull. Mrs Bl00m wants to try it out)
1 Path to Exile (Removal)
1 Reverberate (Another recent pull)
1 Swords to Plowshares (Removal)
4 Volcanic Geyser (Recent pulls, killers of choice here. Can probably swap for sorcery-speed versions if needs)

Land - 31
10 Mountain
10 Plains
4 Evolving Wilds (Colour-fixing)
4 Mistveil Plains (Recursion)
1 Boros Garrison (It was hanging around)
1 Sunhome, Fortress of the Legion (Mandatory inclusion in a deck)
1 Karakas (It fell out of a deck. And it's good)

What would be in here if it could:

  • Pretty much anything . That's busy in our Balefire Liege deck (which is a shame... I think Nobilis of War, Glory of Warfare and Intimidation Bolt would go well here).

  • Game-winning red burn. All our Banefires are in The Red Zone already. And I think all our Rolling Thunders are busy too.

  • Battlegrace Angel. Mrs. Bl00m is a fan, especially given our aim here is obnoxious lifegain, but the full playset is currently sitting in her Angel Tribal deck. Give a good enough excuse, and they can move over, though.

  • A second 8-Post to play nicely with The Red Zone. Unfortunately, my second set is in my cube. Trying to trade for a third set, but that's a way off yet. I do have Urzatron available at a pinch though, if we want to go down this route.

  • ... and obviously more Earthquakes and Chandra's Spitfires.

Okay, that's it. How would you a) cut this deck to 60, and b) build it yourself if you had to, given the parameters in play?
You can playtest the current pile here!

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