Causal Esper Artifact Deck

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I wanted to make a causal deck that I can play against my friends decks.

Here's my first attempt

Creatures (27)
Sen Triplets  x1
Inkwell Leviathan  x1
Filigree Angel x1
Sharuum the Hegemon  x1
Sphinx Summoner x4
Master Transmuter  x4
Esperzoa x3
Etherium Sculptor  x4
Baleful Strix  x4
Tidehollow Sculler  x4

Instant (4)
Thirst for Knowledge x4

Noncreature Artifacts (4)
Scourglass  x4

Planeswalkers (1)
Tezzeret the Seeker  x1 

Land (24)
Arcane Sanctum  x4
Hallowed Fountain  x2
Glacial Fortress x2
Watery Grave  x2
Drowned Catacomb x2
Godless Shrine  x2
Isolated Chapel x2
Ancient Den  x4
Vault of Whispers  x4
Seat of the Synod x4

Artifact lands would help with the Master Transmuter, Court Homunculus, and Glaze Fiend. And I'd go with Buried Ruin over Phyrexia's Core if you're going to include colorless lands at all.

Thoughtcast would be a great draw spell.

Ethersworn Canonist and Master of Etherium are really solid creatures, but they might cost some money being rares.

Inquisition of Kozilek is something I generally include in my black decks. It stacks well with Tidehallow Sculler.

I have a pretty good deck that uses Master Transmuter.  I think she works very well with "enters the battlefield" type effects.  Here's what I would change:
Cut the aggro, or go all in aggro -- but that would mean cutting most everything else.
- 4x court homunculus
- 4x glaze fiend

Add more cards like Master Transmuter.
+ 3-4x Esperzoa
I actually use 4x Esperzoa and 3x Master Transmuter just because the jellyfish comes out quicker and has a bigger body.  That said, Master Transmuter is golden late game.

I would strongly suggest adding a package of cards to get stuff into your hand so that Master Transmuter has something to transmute into. Add any number of the following (along with baleful strix -- which I've not used but I imagine is nuts in this deck).
+ faerie mechanist
+ Sphinx Summoner
These are good because their abilities are ETB effects which you can exploit repeatedly with Master Transmuter (and Esperzoa).  Some people really like the following as well:
trinket mage
treasure mage
thirst for knowledge

I think you can cut the lands down to 24.  I wouldn't use artifact lands unless your play-group is ok with it.  Atleast one Academy Ruins is nice to have.  I would also make the following changes/additions; although, these are really just personal preference:
- Sen Triplets
+ Sharuum the Hegemon
She's bigger, gets stuff out of the graveyard and her ability is ETB which is easy to exploit with the Transmuter.
- esper battlemage
+ ethersworn shieldmage 
Again, I would go with the ETB ability over the tap ability -- she's fantastic with esperzoa.
Consider these:
solemn simulacrum

Also, if you don't already know this, you can actually cast tidehollow sculler, then while its ability is on the stack, use the transmuter's ability to replay it which allows you to exile two cards from your opponents hand.  One of those is exiled permanently.

Changed a few things.
I went wth Thirst for Knowledge over Thoughtcast because I'm pretty sure my friends would kill me if I ran affinity cards with artifact lands.