U/W Delver, How's this look?

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Here's a list I brewed up and have begun testing with:

A healthy amount of disruption with some proven finishers.  My biggest concerns would likely be with the sideboard and the light amount of spot removal in the deck.  I will be testing this deck more over the next week and a bit.

Questions, comments and constructive criticisms encouraged Smile
Too many creatures, too few spells.  Delver, Snapcaster + Thalia is big no-no.  You're running way too few lands as well.

Cut Thalia, Spellstutter, Arbiter, Eiganjo and Cloudshift (it's not that good).  Cut one Geist (it's legendary).  You should probably cut a few Plains to make Shackles better as well.

Add 2x Path to Exile, 1x Remand, 2x Mana Leak, 1x Spell Pierce, 2-3x Hallowed Fountain and a few more Pikes and maybe another Shackles.

EDIT:  Forgot about Thought Scour as well.  That deserves some slots because it powers up Pike, Haunt and filters through your deck.
This is the list i was thinkin

U/w delver:

4 hallowed fountain
4 mystic gate
3 scalding tarn
2 arid mesa
2 tectonic edge
5 islands
4 plains

4 snapcaster
3 wall of omens
4 delver
3 sphinx of jwar isle

4 remand
3 spell snare 
2 spell pierce
2 serum visions
2 cryptic command
3 vapor snag
3 mana leak
3 path to exile

1 spell snare
3 mindbreak trap
2 timely reinforcements
4 annul
2 leyline of sanctity
3 hurkyls recall
Some playtesting results:

Played the deck as listed above vs. my brother's Gristlebrand glasscannon deck, which consistently gets turn 2-3 kills against any deck not running control and went 8-1.  Hooray for remands.

Removed the vedalken shackles for a psionic blast.  Swapped two of the three thalia, guardian of thraben for the leonin arbiters in the sideboard adn cut one maindeck for a baneslayer angel (lifelink is relevant when trying to race another aggressive deck, and she looked lonely collecting dust in my binder).

Then played against my friend's Jund deck and went 6-2.  Counter magic really shined in this matchup and only really lost when he was able to stick and protect a liliana of the veil.

Then played against my other friend's Martyr-Proc deck and got stomped 1-2.  The games he won my deck felt helpless against it,  his turn 2  being at 32 life with a 6/6 flying, lifelink cleric was too hard to race.

Conclusions this round:  need a bit more spot removal maindeck and some sweepers in the sideboard.  Leonin arbiters are boss vs greedy three colour decks running 10+ fetchlands.  Cloudshift is that good; counters spot removal, gets second uses out of my snappers,spellstutter sprites and cliques, and allows for a free attack with St. Traft into blockers for his angel buddy to get in there.  Eiganjo castle is an excellent "one of" to give St. Traft some protection when attacking.
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