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Hello people!

After a long break from D&D in general, i've seen the concept of Themes in the new books.

After reading through some of them (Dark Sun) i'm totally captivated! And i'd like to know more.

I don't know how to start looking for more Themes, i know there's some in the Vile Darkness books. though i haven't checked on them yet!

Are there any other books, or magazines, that have Themes on them besides those two books i've mentioned?

Thanks in advance! Cool 
There are quite a few themes in the Dragon Magazine articles, as well as multiple in the more recent releases (Into the Unknown, Heroes of the Elemental Chaos etc.). 

I would recommend that you se the Compendium, and just be able to see all of the themes at once without having to go looking for them. 

 Without a DDI subscription you can't actually read the themes themselves in the online Compendium, but it will still tell you which source the themes were published in.


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