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It's got one card thats not Legacy legal, but if the idea is sound then there is almost certainly a suitable weaker replacement.

I'm posting here for feedback. I guess it's black/white (slow aggro)/control.
Am I missing something? the cats are all terrible and there's no tribal advantage. They should be stoneforge mystic and equipment. Maybe with a couple little creatures. Fetch lands are better than mine. The discard suite could be better. And you want 3-5 main deck creature removal spells.
Cat and Discard?

.....And I thought you were gonna have a mono-black deck based on black meows;
With Black Cat, Entrails Feaster, Mirri the Cursed, Urborg Panther & Purraj of Urborg......
I don't have thease cards, it's just an idea at the moment.

The cats are somewhat quirky, there just a cheap creature to swing with, although cat tribal is appealing. Thanks for the other black cats, some look good for this.

I've included some instant removal too, don't want the opponent drawing cards then being able to play them on there turn. What low mana discard cards are better than the ones in the deck?
You probably have too much discard there, and not enough ways to punish them for having no cards in hand.
I'd cut your discard down to about 12 at the most, and then use the other slots for answers/winning.
Look at effects like The Rack, Wheel of Torture, Liliana's Caress as ways to use discard to your advantage. 

Mind Twist is banned in Legacy.

Thoughtsieze, Inquisition of Kozilek, Duress, Hymn to Tourach & Cabal Therapy are the best discard options IMHO.
There are others, like Funeral Charm & Piracy Charm that are useful for combat tricks, but they're also ways to potentially help your opponent if you use them for discard - Dredge and Reanimator will love you for it!!    

One thing to look at with all that discard is Extraction - Surgical Extraction & Extirpate are killer against combo with targetted discard. 
Another is continual discard (or card draw) to help you prevent/slow a Storm/Combo player recover.
 Phyrexian Arena, Necrogen Mists or Liliana of the Veil or similar effects can help you keep them down.
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