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I wrote up some fun, flavorful Pixie items ("Whimsical Baubles") and their lore. Enjoy! (Sorry about the formatting.)

Lori Anderson

WotC Freelancer, LFR author



Dragon Magazine #412: Unearthed Arcana: Ships in Your Campaign

Calimshan Adventures (LFR): CALI3-3, CALI4-1, and QUES4-1

Epic Adventures (LFR): EPIC5-1 and EPIC5-3

Other LFR Adventures: NETH4-1, ADCP5-2, and MYTH6-3





Whimsical Baubles 

The Court of Stars bestowed Pixies with the gifts of laughter, play, whimsy, care, and wonder. Bursting with joy and an insatiable love of life, Pixies are playful tricksters who have a wide-eyed fascination with the world around them. The Summer Queen's children take great delight in whimsical baubles, sparkly trinkets, and brightly colored knickknacks.  

    Infused with the magic of the Feywild and the delight of children's laughter, Pixie's baubles reflect the lighthearted, playful nature of these Fey tricksters. Many of these trinkets come in pairs, twin items that are a dichotomy between pleasure and mischief. For example, one knickknack may enhance the senses, making the world more pleasurable while its twin item creates an opposite effect that is mischievous or comical. Pixies amuse themselves by giving strangers the mischievous version of the item and convincing them it is the twin item.

Trinkets and Baubles

    These whimsical baubles add a dash of lighthearted fun and are perfect for any fun-loving adventurer or trickster. Just be careful those mischievous Pixies don't trick you by selling you the wrong item!

Pixie Adventuring Gear

Item                                              Cost                
Dewdrop of Scrying                          200 gp
Distortion Dewdrops, one dose           50 gp     
Everlasting Box of Cupcakes              10 gp
Fey Nectar, one vial                         5 sp       
Giggle Feather                                 1 sp
Instant Jubilee                                 50 gp
Pixie Glitter                                      2 sp
Pixie Powder, 1 box                           20 gp     
Trickster's Nectar, one vial                 50 gp     

Dewdrop of Scrying
A glistening dewdrop frozen in time, this trinket can be used as the focus for a scrying ritual. Pixies love spying on others so they can see the reaction to their pranks as the mischief unfolds. A dewdrop is the perfect size for a pixie, but larger creatures must squint too much to use it.

Distortion Dewdrops
These dewdrops can be smeared over the surface of a crystal ball or scrying mirror. The next time the focus is used for a scrying ritual, the figures in the image appear comically distorted. For example, a human may appear with a tiny torso, giant arms, long neck, and off-center eyes where one eye is much larger than the other. The image is still clear enough for the caster to discern all necessary information from the ritual, although it may be difficult to concentrate with the riotous laughter of the pixie over your shoulder.

Everlasting Box of Cupcakes
This small pastel box always has a dozen pixie-sized cupcakes in it. The owner can mentally command the box to produce cupcakes of any flavor, with or without sprinkles. Larger creatures might think the box is just full of crumbs since pixie cupcakes are so tiny.

Fey Nectar
A drop of Fey Nectar makes even the most bitter dwarven ale taste of the sweetest nectar. Pixies routinely add this nectar to their drinks, especially if they travel beyond the Feywild, where drinks are not nearly sweet enough for their tastes. Of course, it is also amusing to sprinkle some of this nectar into the drink of an unsuspecting companion.

Giggle Feather
When this small feather is held taunt between the hands and blown on, the user can project the sound of pixies giggling, making it seem as though the sound is emanating from anywhere within 10 squares. Pixies use this trick to make it appear that they are somewhere else when they are playing a prank on someone. Pixies may also use the giggle feather as a prank itself, making it appear that they are giggling right behind their hapless victim and then shifting locations rapidly. Of course, giggle feathers are also perfect for tickle fights. It is not uncommon to see several pixies brandishing these feathers as they flit through the air and tumble over one another. Non-pixies can also use these feathers, although few individuals of other races are lighthearted and playful enough to want to.     

Instant Jubilee
Although it appears to be just an ordinary dandelion, the instant jubilee can transform a dull evening around the campfire into a night of revelry. Blowing on the dandelion will cause it to transform into everything necessary for a pixie jubilee. A table appears with a feast of candied ham, wild berries, sweet cakes, concentrated nectar, and honey wine. Elegant ivory roses bloom everywhere, providing soft pillows for pixies to lounge on. Songbirds are drawn out of the forest to the jubilee. They drape fragrant garlands of flowers among the tree branches and sing enchanting melodies throughout the evening. Fireflies illuminate the festivities, tiny pinpricks of light like stars in the night sky. Small forest critters like chipmunks will often join a pixie jubilee, chattering playfully and swaying to the music. The jubilee lasts for 4 hours after which time it vanishes and the forest critters scamper away. Each dandelion can only be used to create a single jubilee.

Pixie Glitter
A pinch of pixie glitter makes any item shimmer and sparkle in the sunlight like morning dew. One dose of pixie glitter applied to any item will last for one week. During pixie weddings, the bride's maids will flit around the gathering sprinkling pixie glitter in the air.

Pixie Powder
Pixies love sprinkling this powder into the food or drink of an unsuspecting companion. When someone consumes the powder, a random, harmless cosmetic change alters one aspect of their appearance for one hour. For example, after drinking a stout ale tainted with a dose of pixie powder, the dwarf's thick beard erupts into a mass of butterflies. A dose of the powder in the eladrin's wine turns her hair bright pink. At a jubilee someone will typically add pixie powder to the honey wine to add to the fun.

Trickster's Nectar
Like fey nectar, one drop of this liquid will make any drink as sweet as honey. However, trickster's nectar also has an amusing side effect. For one hour after consuming this nectar, the individual's voice raises several octaves, becoming extremely high-pitched. If a pixie consumes this nectar, their voice becomes so high-pitched it is not audible in the normal range.     Pixies amuse themselves by spiking the drinks of their companions with this nectar. Nothing can be more hilarious than a furious burly dwarf trying to scold you for your tricks in a squeaky, high-pitched whine. Even your more serious traveling companions might have a hard time not laughing at his tirade.     Sometimes the tables are turned, because no one can survive long with a pixie traveling companion without learning to play a few tricks themselves. Adventurers have been known to give trickster's nectar to pixie traveling companions just to have a break from their incessant chattering. Care must be used with this trick because a silent pixie is likely to make up for their muteness with excessive pantomiming, which may actually be more irritating.

Fashions of the Feywild

Pixies delight in bright colors, whimsical designs, and clothing that glistens in the sunlight. Although tiny in size, pixies make bold statements with their vibrant, colorful clothing. Pixies prefer clothing that is light and ethereal so that it does not interfere with their play. Female pixies adore silken gowns that flutter in the breeze and flow gracefully when they twirl. Pixies' whimsy, love of life, and fascination with the world around them is reflected in their clothing fashions.

Clothing and Accessories

Item                                              Cost                      
Body Paint, regular                           2 gp
Body Paint, luminescent                    7 gp                       
Butterfly Barrette                             5 gp
Camouflage Clothing                         1 sp
Flower Garland                                1 gp
Passion Brooch                               100 gp
Reappearing Body Paint                    7 gp
Silver Bells, one strand                     1 sp       
Summoned Clothing                         100 gp
Wing Glitter, one dose                      5 sp                       

Body Paint
Pixies have fun painting themselves and each other with body paint. The paint is a concoction made from pulverized flower petals and laughter. The paint is applied directly to the skin with brushes made of chipmunk hairs. The paint easily washes off after a dip in a lake or stream, although that is part of the fun because it just means the pixies get to paint themselves all over again. Pixies also use the paint as part of tricks, such as painting eyes on the back of a creature or painting themselves the color of a flower so they can hide in the blossom and jump out to startle anyone who draws near.

    A popular pixie game involves the participants chasing each other around with full paintbrushes. Although pixie games usually do not have set rules and they do not keep score, the most painted pixie at the end of the game would probably be considered the winner because they are the most colorful and had the most fun.

    Sometimes pixies add crushed Star-Indigo Seeds to the concoction so that the paint glows softly in the dark. Luminescent pixies flit and dance in a clearing in the deep of night, as if the very stars had fallen from the sky and began to frolick.

    Pixies are absolutely delighted when adventurers and other visitors allow the pixies to paint them. The "canvas" is so large! Pixie body painting is intricate and detailed because they are so tiny, but most pixies will get distracted or bored before finishing anything.

Butterfly Barrette
This beautiful butterfly hairpiece is so lifelike its wings seem to flutter if you catch it out of the corner of your eye. Bard stories tell of how these butterflies eventually awaken and take flight, and a new pixie is born.

"Camouflage" Clothes
While more subdued than typical pixie clothing, these outfits are far from effective camouflage. These simple clothes come in a variety of soft pastels and are typically worn for a game of hide-and-seek. Pixies love playing in fields of flowers where they can blend in more easily with their colorful surroundings.

Flower Garland
Pixies weave delicate garlands of tiny flowers that they intertwine with their hair. The flowers emit a sweet, enchanting fragrance. The garland continually blooms and changes, each flower blooming, fading, and then being replaced with another flower of a different color. Legend has it that if a man catches just one whiff of the flower's blooms, he will be put under a trance-like spell, willing to go to the ends of the earth to please the fair maiden who wears these blooms. Some people crush the garlands and sprinkle them into food or drink, hoping they will act as a love potion. It is unknown whether this is actually effective.

Passion Brooch
With this lovely heart-shaped brooch, pixies literally wear their hearts on their sleeves. The magical jewelry changes color based on the wearer's current emotional state. Although the brooch can detect and display a wide range of emotions, they are usually pink when worn by pixies. A pink brooch means that the feychild's heart is full of delight, hence the phrase "tickled pink."

Color                                       Emotion
Black                                    Loathing
Blue                                      Sadness/Depression       
Brown                                  Terror
Green                                   Envy
Yellow                                  Love
Orange                                 Passionate
Pink                                       Delight/Joy/Awe
Purple                                   Excitement/Anticipation
Red                                       Rage
White                                    Pensive

Reappearing Body Paint
Similar in appearance to regular body paint, this paint does not wash off quite so easily. Although it appears to wash off of the skin, the paint will return exactly one week after it is initially washed. Once the paint has reappeared, it cannot be removed for one full day. After that, the paint can be completely, permanently removed as normal (although pixies may lead those they have tricked to believe that the paint will continue reappearing every week forever).

Silver Bells
These tiny bells chime sweetly like raindrops falling on a still pond in the soft light of dawn. Pixies adore these lovely silver bells and affix them to clothing, use them as elegant hair pieces, or wear them as bracelets or anklets so they chime with every slight movement. Groups of pixies can often be heard before they are seen; giggles and the tinkle of silver bells float on the summer breeze before you see the pixies flitting about the forest. Pixies love decking themselves out in strands of silver bells and having stealth contests to see who can sneak up to the sleeping ogre and braid his hair without awaking him. Wearing a strand of silver bells provides a -5 penalty to Stealth checks, but grants a +1 item bonus to Diplomacy checks.

Summoned Clothing
Change outfits in the blink of an eye and never be caught without a gown for the Twilight Ball again! Most can only afford an outfit or two of summoned clothing, but a few envied Fey have entire extradimensional wardrobes. Summoned clothing are otherwise ordinary outfits that can be stored in an extradimensional space when not in use. The wearer may exchange their summoned clothing with another outfit of summoned clothing as a standard action. Pixies love to twirl dramatically as they transform into a new outfit, but that is not required. The wearer can also banish or retrieve an outfit of summoned clothing as a standard action. When donned, the clothing is clean and has the delightful scent of flowers at dawn. Summoned clothing is highly favored among nobility and is a sign of affluence. The garments are also greatly sought after by shapechangers and spies, but many find the high cost inhibitive.

Origins of Summoned Clothing

Lady Althaea, a powerful eladrin noble from Astrazalian, promised great riches to anyone who could create a truly stunning ball gown. She planned to wear the gown to the Court of Stars, hoping that a beautiful, memorable gown would increase her political power and perhaps attract the attention of a wealthy suitor.

    The seamstress Lilyblossom met the challenge, creating not one elegant gossamer gown, but a dozen. The process of creating summoned clothing involves sewing with strands of Glimmerweb Spider silk and sprinkling the clothing with ivory rose petals covered in fresh morning dew. Lady Althaea's gowns at the next Court of Stars were truly memorable. With elegance and grace Lady Althaea floated across the dance floor, twirling into a stunning new gown every few breaths.

    Word quickly spread throughout the Feywild and soon everyone wanted a wardrobe of summoned clothing. The Court of Stars the following year was truly a sight to behold as every respectable noblewoman had acquired several summoned gowns. The dance floor was like a field of swirling, windblown flower petals.

    A human traveler named Alek was visiting the Feywild that year and, upon hearing all the buzz about summoned clothing, he devised a devious plan. He envied and despised his brother who was courting the beautiful daughter of one of the most powerful nobles in the region. Alek purchased a finely tailored suit from an eladrin merchant and set the activation word for the summoned clothing to "marry." Upon returning home from his travels, Alex gifted his brother with the clothing, a handsome suit of deep forest green with gold trim. When the brother approached the noblewoman's father to ask for her hand in marriage, his clothes suddenly disappeared! Mortified, the brother fled the estate, leaving the nobleman standing there shocked and confused.

    Although pranks like this are possible, most summoned clothing comes in pairs or attuned in larger sets. When the user activates the clothing, the transition between outfits is simultaneous and seamless.

    Word of elegant, mystical dresses worn by eladrin noblewomen slowly spread throughout the natural world. Summoned ball gowns soon became the highest fashion among human noblewomen, a true symbol of affluence, elegance, and taste.

Wing Glitter
This delicate glitter comes in a variety of pastel shades and is designed to be dusted onto wings. It is a light powder so that when a pixie flies she trails a cloud of glitter behind her.  

Wondrous Items

Pixies see beauty and wonder even in ordinary things in the world around them, but they take great delight in magical wondrous items.

Pixie's Eternal Chalk
Pixie's Eternal Chalk is often created in bright, vibrant colors. A lucky Pixie child may receive a box of this chalk in a wide variety of colors as a gift. The chalk can write on most surfaces and Pixies use it to draw beautiful pictures or for such mischief as drawing beards on sleeping dryads.

Pixie's Eternal Chalk        Level 1 Common
This popular chalk comes in colors as varied as the rainbow and in every imaginable shade and hue.
Wondrous Item                          360 gp
A stick of Pixie's eternal chalk never breaks or wears down with normal use. Any writing or drawing made with this chalk cannot be erased for one week by anyone except the original artist or author.
   Pixie's eternal chalk can be created in any color, including multi-colored chalks that change colors with use. Most chalk is also infused with glitter.

Pouch of Copper
Similar in appearance to a Pouch of Platinum, this pouch converts gems and coins into copper pieces. If the pouch's capacity is exceeded, a shower of copper coins spills from the pouch. Pixies often give these pouches to unsuspecting strangers, erupting into giggles when the pouch invariably expels the excess coins. Many merchants use Pouches of Copper to create change.

Pouch of Copper               Level 1 Common
Similar in appearance to a Pouch of Platinum, this pouch converts gems and coins into copper pieces, much to the irritation of its user.
Wondrous Item                          360 gp
Normal gemstones and coins of any denomination placed into the pouch are converted to an equal value of copper pieces. The pouches' maximum capacity is 100 copper pieces. If that capacity is exceeded, the remaining copper coins spill out of the pouch.

Trickster's Guide to using magic items

Unparalleled experts in the art of trickery, Pixies have devised all sorts of devious ways to use magic items. Pixies use teleportation to play a trick on someone and then quickly disappear to a safe observation point so they can watch the fun unfold without getting caught. Pixies love making people trip over one another or turning a big angry ogre into a cute tiny mouse.

    Think of unexpected, non-traditional uses of items for your tricks as it will add to the surprise. For example, a pixie might switch an eladrin's purse with a Pouch of Shared Acquisition and then replace its contents with several slimy toads. What could be funnier than an elegant young Eladrin woman screeching in terror as she reaches into her purse and frogs hop all over her evening gown?

Lori Anderson

WotC Freelancer, LFR author



Dragon Magazine #412: Unearthed Arcana: Ships in Your Campaign

Calimshan Adventures (LFR): CALI3-3, CALI4-1, and QUES4-1

Epic Adventures (LFR): EPIC5-1 and EPIC5-3

Other LFR Adventures: NETH4-1, ADCP5-2, and MYTH6-3





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