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I'm currently taking a group through a heroic tier campaign in Neverwinter and the last adventure takes the party through the dungeons of Castle Never and Neverneath to gain access to the Vault of the Nine and hopefully earn the Crown of Neverwinter, but I'm having issues coming up with a suitable layout for the upper levels of the castle.  My characters are perfectionists and they are gonna wanna clear the ENTIRE castle before finishing up.  So I'm looking for suggestions of sights, maps, tools, other adventures, or anything else that might have a suitable dungeon that I can use for Castle Never.  Don't get me wrong, I love mapping out dungeons and everything else, I'm just really short on time and REALLY don't wanna do it this time lol not without any help that is.  Let me know what you guys think!
Few quick random ideas for non-combat rooms:

- Sealed vault with 3 keys, gold, silver and bronze, placed elsewhere in the dungeon.

- Illusionary magic item on table, trying to grab it triggers trap. Perhaps bringing something to table causes the item to become real and solid.

- Helm in statue's hands, wearing it enables the character to see something invisible, perhaps ghosts of deceased nobles in another room which will talk to the party.

Perhaps also place pages of a diary of the last days before the catacylsm to bring the story of the fall of Neverwinter alive. Or frescos on the walls (now cracked and dirty) showing grand scenes of the Jewel of the North.

IIRC Castle Never is sought after by several factions. You could also have encounters with a couple of these factions, or have rooms with bodies indicating a fight has recently occured.
I like the 3 keys idea and I'll probably throw it in with what I already have for Neverneath, an extensive and ever-changing labarynth that will take the players a few days, in game, to finish as one big three part skill challange.  So, part of that challenge will be to get all the keys to Vault of the Nine.
The doesnt have dungeons but you could change that... 
The Citadel Megadungeon:
Dang! Will probably be limiting that by like a lot haha but thanks yellowdingo!
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