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So far I am happy with how this deck works but I would like any comments on how to improve it. All the cards that I run only once are there because I had nothing better to use (I used just cards I had at home but I am happy to spend a few coins on other cards). Could use some hard hitting spells, what do you think? (suggestions?)

I also sometimes play in modern turnaments around here so any suggestion whit what to replace Preordain with something simmilar modern legal.

Thank you for any comment ;) here we go:

Creatures (14):

4 x [C]Phantasmal bear[/C]

4 x [C]Delver of Secrets[/C]

4 x [C]Bloodcrazed Neonate[/C]

2 x [C]Fire Servant[/C]

Spells (24):

4 x [C]Lightning Bolt[/C]

4 x [C]Mana Leak[/C] 

2 x [C]Arc Trail[/C]

4 x [C]Preordain[/C] - here I am looking for a viable change to have it modern - legal.

2 x [C]Searing Spear[/C]

2 x [C]Foresee[/C] 

2 x [C]Call to Mind[/C]

1 x [C]Shock[/C]

1 x [C]Melt Terrain[/C]

1 x [C]Flames of the Firebrand[/C]

1 x [C]Red Suns Zenith[/C]    


11 x [C]Mountain[/C]

11 x [C]Island[/C] 

Delver is a good 1-drop if you want to run a high spell count. Nivmagus Elemental might also be good if you include 1-CMC Phyrexian mana spells like Mutagenic Growth. It goes without saying that Snapcaster Mage would work wonders in your deck. However, if you're like me, then that card is simply too expensive.

4Delver of Secrets  
3-4 Nivmagus Elemental-feed it countered spells, Gutshot and Gitaxian Probe.
4 -should get massive off this deck.
2-3 Phantasmal Image-seems like a good utility creature
2 Hypersonic Dragon-for 3UR, you get a 4/4 flyer with haste. Your finisher. 

4 Lightning Bolt
4 Gutshot
4 Ponder
4 Gitaxian Probe
4 Remand
2-3 Slagstorm               

Will have to wait and see the price of elemental... But I hope its not gonna be like snapcaster.

On the other note - ponder is banned in modern and the rest is just completly new deck.

Maybe switch Kiln for Bloodcrazed... Will think of it.

If you are looking for SCRY in modern then Preordain is banned but Serum Visions is a good substitute. I would also go with Familiar's Ruse as a hard counter with such low casting cost creatures it would be easy to bounce them. The other counter that is good in modern format is Condescend this helps stack the deck with scry as well. Phantasmal Image is good but normally as defense since your aren't running any beaters he would serve more as an anti legend or copy a big beater that your opponent may have on the field. If you are looking for double damage then I would suggest Quest for Pure Flame over Fire Servant all it would take is a bolt to get rid of him, but they need enchantment hate for quest. In modern you will find alot of agro decks that don't include enchantment hate, plus it is easy to get four counters from damage in red. I would maybe think about Vexing devil and Chandra's Phoenix they are both really good agro creatures.
Eh, Vex is really more suited to a burn deck. Goblin Guide is a hallmark for red aggro; there is his effect. Your normal red deck would have the game in hand before the effect becomes detrimental. In you case, blue offers you various counterspells to deal with any non-lands they may draw,
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