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Hello guys, nice to meet you. 

I am an italian girl who started learning magic 3 days ago.Now i need help building my very first deck, but i'd like it to be my main deck for plenty of time. i don't have money to continue changing it, and i won't be playing in hard tournaments. so i need something very funny but also competitive yet, a deck that i can play without being surclassed in a few turns.SO, my choice is control. I DO wanna control game, and i want a blue and white deck.
I'd like it to be good for modern format (a guy told me it can't be competitive also in legacy and so on, so i am gonna stay with modern only). i want this to be competitive so please every idea you have it's VERY welcome.I got 2 ideas, basically, but i need some advice.

- plains 8x
- island 9x
- celestial columnade 4x
- glacial fortress 4x

???????? need advice here... maybe archon of redemption, or grand abolisher??? or invisible stalker????
- delver of secrets 4x
- snapcaster mage  4x
- restoration angel 4x 

- mana leak 4x 
- divination 2x
- oblivion ring 2x
- wrath of god 2x 
- counterspell 4x
- vapor snag 4x
- dissipate 3x


LANDS as the first one
 - sphinx of magosi 3x
 - baneslayer angel 3x
- archon of redemption 4x

kinda like the first one...???

SO basically what changes is creatures. which on would be better the snapcaster/delver/angel combo or the second one? any advices?
and about instants and so on... i dunno if it's better to have wrath of god, oblivion ring, or journey to nowhere.... or all of them? 
will i need a planeswalker??

and, most of it all... how about side deck??? i want to be ready if someone blocks my deck...

PLEASE HELP ))))) thank you!!!
Put more empty lines so that everyone can scroll even more to see the pile of empty space. Really samrt...
Put more empty lines so that everyone can scroll even more to see the pile of empty space. Really samrt...

thank you for your kind reply, man.
anyways i am sorry, it's been a mistake i did not notice about. Really, i did not want you guys to be forced to scroll down so much to view the entire posting.

i think i fixed it, now, please tell me if you see this correctly. 
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