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D&D Insider ArticleDragon 415 
Songs of Sorcery
By Alana Abbott

The notion of music possessing magical power is not a new one—Orpheus charmed his way out of the Underworld of Hades through the power of song. In D&D, integrating magical music into the game is usually the bard’s job. Though with the alternative rewards presented here, any player who wants to adopt these expressions of magic through music can do so and bring a little melodic flavor to the table.

Talk about this article here.

Actually at the moment I am more concerned with a technical issue. Like "Eye on Ebberron" this is the second article in #415 that uses up approx. 5Mbs for a mere 3 pages. That is 10 times the normal amount. Please return to reasonable values.  Picture quality was just as good before.
Finally, an article with crunch, and also started a discussion about my group of what's each of our character's theme song
Great stuff here, I really enjoyed it. Alternative rewards are a great way of adding a small bit of multi-class without having to really invest in it mechanically. For example, in my current campaign one of the characters is a Dragonborn paladin who sings battle hymns to bahamut while he's in battle. The player thought of turning the paladin into a multi-class bard to get some mechanical support for this concept, but didn't like how it turned out. These new alternative rewards are just the sort of thing we were looking for. Thanks!
Very nice concepts here, also a good amount of crunch in a very crunch-starved issue.
I liked the article and a couple of those songs are going to see the light in my campaign.
As a graduate of UW-Madison, I loved seeing "On Wisconsin" used as the basis for one of the songs!

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