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Ok I'm a new player.  I've never played this game before.  I bought the red box today and started going through the sample quest and it's showing me how to fill out the character sheet but when it gives an example of the box for a certan attribute or stat it looks totally different and is worded different than the actual character sheets that were provided.  Can anyone give me any assistance on creating a character?  Or give me any ideas on how to learn to create my own character?
Sure, what questions do you have? And welcome to the game, by the way!
Ok I understand some of the rules but it's mostly character building that I need to know about.  I will work more with the quest that was in the red box but it would be more helpful if I could see the stats beforehand and have them all laid out so that I can have them entered into my character sheet beforehand.  I think this would be more helpful when I'm attacking and defending.  Are the stats located anywhere so that I can do this?
Could you tell us which specific part of the character sheet you need help with?

Which boxes are giving you problems?

Does your sheet look like the one found here: ?
Yes it does look like the one from the link.  I am going through the stats from the solo quest that was included in the red box. It tells you your stats as you go through the quest and tells you where to fill in the stats.  The trouble is that the boxs it shows you on the quest page doesn't apprear or is different than the stats boxes that are on the actual sheet. 
Well, does your stat have a name?? Is it an ability, a skill, an attack ...? If you can tell us the name of the thing, we can tell you where to put it.

What are you doing with said stat? Attacking? Bluffing somebody? Or ...?

The problem that 'stat' does not really mean something specific. You've got ability scores, skills, feats, powers, race and class (although I hope that should be clear), basic attacks, hit points, healing surges ... And all of those can be labeled as 'stat'.

(Note that I don't have the red box, so I can't simply look it up. And even then, you'd need to tell somebody who has it where exactly you are in the quest so he can help you.)
Ok.  Sorry.  I was not being clear I guess.  I have never played this game before so that's my bad.  I'm wanting to figure out how to fill in the whole character sheet.  The quest in the red box tells you how to fill out the character sheet one item at a time as you go through the quest.  I'm just wanting to know how to find the stats for any character and then fill them in myself.  Are there more than one version of the character sheet?   If so which one is the most used. 
I have no idea if there are different versions, can't help you there.

As for filling out an entire character sheet. Ouch! That's really a question to which the best answer is 'read the book' as that would take pages and pages of explanation.

If you're using red box, I think the best bet to get working character sheet would be to do it as told in the book and come here to ask us if you have trouble with a specific item.

Anyway, first question would be: do you even know what race and class your character is?

Or maybe a scan of what your sheet looks like at the moment? (btw, I'm off to bed now, so don't expect any more answers from me today.)
So if I said I wanted to create a Human Cleric where would I start?
You'd start by filling that in after class and race.


a) are you're looking at the 4e, the essentials one page, or the essentials two page sheet? (By the way, if you're looking at the 4e sheet, take a look at the essentials sheets, because as far as I know Red Box is using essentials, so that might solver your problem of the boxes on the sheet not looking like the boxes in the book.)

b) have you managed to get any info filled in already?
If you're asking if there's a specific section on character creation without using the solo adventure, then the answer is no. This is the weakness of the RedBox if you ask me. You basically have to play out the solo adventure in the Player's Book and choose what you want along the way -- you would have to do this for every character that you want to create (a real hassle once you've gotten the gist of how it works). But, as Mysteria pointed out, the Player's Book does a pretty good job of giving you everything you need along the way--it's pretty clear on Race and Class and Stats, etc.
My recommendation would be to skip character creation for now.  It'll all make a lot more sense once you've actually played through a couple of encounters.  There is a human cleric here: 

Print it out and play through a couple of combats with him and the you'll find it much easier to create a character from scratch.  I'd recommend grabbing either PHB1 or Heroes of the Fallen Lands when you're ready to do that. 
I ended up breaking down and buying the d&d insider so i could gain access to the character builder. 
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