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Just so I'm clear, when this card says you can discard ANY number of creatures... Zero is considered to be a number, right?

As in, I'm playing Snig, and I deploy all of my creatures at the start of my turn, and say this brings me to the end of my creatures (so I have none in my hand). Also assume that somehow I still have enough moral. :D I can then discard any (i.e. none) of my creature cards in my hand, and bring my entire GY back into my (freshly recreated) creature deck. 
Yep. You can discard 0 cards with Reinforcements. 
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However, Snig lets you deploy at the start of the turn while reinforcements is an order card played during a creature activation, which means you have ended your start of turn phase.

Sorry, but doesn't look like you can deploy your hand, recycle, and continue to deploy all in teh same turn.
That's not entirely true.  Imagine the case where you have emptied your creature deck, but you have ones in your GY. You can play the card, shuffle your GY back, and deploy again at the end of your turn.  
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