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I'm a complete noob when it comes to pathfinder 3.5e, I know its dungeons and dragons but that's about it. Not even sure if this is the correct forum to be honest. However, my question is about my Goblin Cavalier i'm creating. He's order of the cockatrice. Chaotic Nuetral.

I have 6 skills I can choose from, what would anyone recommend?  I'd like them to involve his goals. His goal is fairly simple. To become the goblin king. A little side info on him. He's pretty simple in goblin terms sneak and devious. Enjoys his shinies like the next goblin. However, in our game he is the squire of a famous knight (from previous campaigns.) Which, doubles as him being "mildly" intelligent, and his charisma being his second highest stat. He has 22 base Dexterity. But, back to skills. I took Ride as his main skill. which he gets the +4 bonus too. Any other thoughts on what I should take?
You're definitely in the wrong place.
Paizo is where you'd likely want to ask this question.

Good luck!
Howdy folks,

I have moved this thread to The RPGs General Discussion forum where it is more on-topic.


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